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December 23rd, 2003, 08:31 PM
This sort of counts as Redwall fiction. My characters have come a long way since the "olden days", they're kinda in their own world.
So, um, this can be moved if any passing SCRIBES decree it so.
You prolly remember the first comic, and here's the rest. There are many other Senav'n'Sikert comics, collectively titled Blue Camp. Silly name, eh? It's the "name" of the camp where they live.
Before we begin our (rather strange) tale, I introduce...

The Cast

Senav- She is me and I am her. Perhaps a little more violent, but if you knew the backstory, it would come as no surprise (and no, it's not tragic). Senav is a lot nicer (and smarter) than she lets on.

Mr. Sikert- Sikert means 'surly' in some language or another. Doesn't really suit him. Like Senav, he's nicer than you think, but we ALL know he's smart. He's also pretty immature, considering his age.

Valda- If she were real, I'd have to feel sorry for her. Valda knows she's more mature than everyone else in this nuthouse, and enjoys taking charge, she's born to be in charge. But look who she has to take charge of...

Sneak- Just look at his name. Just look at what he feakin' WEARS. Need I say more?

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And that's a wrap, folks. Like I said, you can guess the end, I might even post it. Hope no one minds the non-Redwall aurora that surounds it...
And look, I posted in time for the holidays!