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Chelki Sureshot
December 29th, 2003, 03:02 PM
When is Nelvana going to be alerted about our petition? I've signed God knows how many times, and that was ages an' ages ago! Martin, are you in charge of his? How many signatures do we need?

December 29th, 2003, 08:43 PM
I think it had to get at least 2,0000 signatures, but I think it only reached to about a 1,000 something.

Martin the Warrior
December 31st, 2003, 08:04 PM
The target was 4,000. We're currently just shy of 1,500. We don't necessarily want to "stuff" the petition, so to speak, though. It makes the petition an unfair representation of the market for Nelvana.

In any case, yes, it will be sent to Nelvana. ;)

December 31st, 2003, 08:12 PM
i was gonna say isnt signing a petition more than once illegal?

Chelki Sureshot
January 1st, 2004, 07:06 PM
isnt signing a petition more than once illegal?Who care? Not me. Anyway, I signed it for all the other people that I knew had seen the shows, but didn't know there was a petition.And all the people that had read the books.

Madd The Sane
January 2nd, 2004, 10:42 AM
Originally posted by LordTBT
i was gonna say isnt signing a petition more than once illegal?
I don't think so. It is just a way for the companies to see how much a group want something done. weather or not the company will do it is up to the company. We can influence their desision, but not control it.