View Full Version : 'Rackety Tam' Release Dates

Martin the Warrior
January 21st, 2004, 07:41 PM
At long last, release details for Brian's next Redwall book, <i>Rackety Tam</i>, have surfaced!

Curiously, the current information suggests the book will be published in the UK a full month prior to the US release, a mere six months following the UK publication of <u><A HREF="http://www.longpatrolclub.com/bookshelf/loamhedge.html">Loamhedge</A></u>.

<i>Rackety Tam</i> is set to be published in the UK on <b>August 5th, 2004</b> by Viking Children's Books. It reportedly has a page count of 384 pages. (ISBN: 0670910694)

The US edition of <i>Rackety Tam</i> is set to be published on <b>September 4th, 2004</b> by Philomel.

For now, I would consider the UK release date <u>tentative</u>. While entirely possible, it remains odd that there would only be a six-month split between new books. Furthermore, recent UK publications have been handled by Puffin, not Viking.

Stay tuned to The Newsline for more details.