View Full Version : Timberfall Inn

Nathaniel Barrymore
November 22nd, 2002, 03:19 PM
Wassail, all! I thought as my first posting I'd send out an RSVP to any and all Long Patrollers and Redwallers for that matter to my furcadia.com dream of Timberfall Inn. To get there, you must first go to furcadia.com and download their game (twenty minutes, tops). Once you have an avatar and have hit enter for the last time, you should appear in New Haven near the help desk. Either ask for me there or "whisper" to me by typing backslashnoahspacemessage. It's that simple and if I'm on they'll let you know. Once you see how much fun it is, build your own Redwall dream. Enjoy!!! TTFN.:D