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June 8th, 2004, 05:41 AM
I don't know how successful this is going to be as it is, in some ways, no more than a silly game for we can't do this with any illusion of certainty. Anyway I thought it would be fun, or at least diverting, to have a go at a challenge.

Here's the situation:

You receive a call one day and who should be on the other end of the line but Brian Jacques himself! Unfortunately he seems to be suffering from writers block with regards to his new book, "Rakkety Tam". Despite there having been several blurbs already released on the internet he hasn't even written the book yet.:eek: As the release date draws near he needs you help, not to write the book for him but to outline what you, a typical fan of the series, wants to see and he will write it. He doesn't want anything too detailed, just a rough outline. He hasn't decided anything about the tale other than what has been publicised in the information released thus far, which I'll put below, so you have a pretty free reign.

Here's the link to the Newsline's current bank of information on the book:
Rakkety Tam (http://newsline.longpatrolclub.com/rakketytam.html)

Here's my take on it:

Rosalind and Celia, two squirrelmaids of Redwall Abbey, are setting out to find the former's mother, the once mighty squirrel Queen Beatrice, who was seperated from her almost at birth, when the noble lady begged that her close friend, the Lady Ursula, mother of Celia, to take both their children with her and flee northwards to a place of safety. Beatrice was of southern birth but was married to the northland king Cloten and had been travelling back northwards after visiting her ailing father, king of Southsward when she learnt of that they were being pursued through the forest by the wolverine Garous and that she was sought after for some ends. In their flight northwards Ursula fell ill and left the two maids in the care of the Abbot of Redwall, the then middle seasoned Abbot Humble. After travelling only for only a few days the maids are captured by the Wolverine Gulo, brother of Garous, whom he is searching for and who, Gulo believes, has found the fabled Walking Stone, a gem of great beauty that allows any vermin to claim the throne of the lands of ice. Mysteriously Garous has not returned to exercise this right but it is known that years before he captured the bearer of the stone, Queen Beatrice. Later on it transpires from overhearing two vermin in Garous' command that he has fallen in love with Beatrice and will not take the Walking Stone from her by force, of which it would take quite a lot as she even denies that she still has it but refuses to say whom she has allegly given it to.

Rakkety and Doogie are two runaway mercenaries of the appaently widowed King Cloten who has, since his wife's disappearance, become a foolish monarch, prone to bouts of bad temper, who cares of nothing but his own amusement and is ignoring the reported threat that a Wolverine and his army of white furred vermin are on the loose in the land south of his kingdom. Our two heroes, Rakkety and Doogie, are, however, not so foolish and set off south to give up their lives in the name of freedom. Unwittingly, though, they manage to stir the squirrelking into action, who is outraged that any should leave his service. So, surrounded by his knights, he sets off south to track them down.

Over at Salamandastron, Lord Lonna is troubled by dreams of his own death at the hands of a wolverine and, believing he knows his destiny sets out to fight the known tyrannt, Garous, taking an army of one hundred Long Patrol hares with him. However, the bloodwrath driven lord becomes seperated from his soldiers when he sets off at night, possessed by a desire to decide his fate. Travelling south and eastwards he eventually finds Garous and challenges him to a duel to the death, each wagering the thing most dear to them beyond even their lives, Queen Beatrice and Salamandastron itself. After terrible battle Lonna triumphs and the wolverine's vermin flee before the badger, only to be slaughtered by Gulo and his white furred army, whose coats are now turning brown in the warmer climate and Lonna is slain by an arrow from Gulo's bow- rather ironic really- and eats his brother's flesh as his victory celebration.

Rakkety and Doogie arrive at Redwall to find the abbeybeasts panicking after they receive reports that the two maids have been kidnapped by a wolverine, whom they assume to be Garous. The two squirrel warrior offer there services and Rakkety is given Martin's sword to use in the rescue, as prompted by a dream of Martin the Warrior to Abbot Humble. While doing this out of a will to see justice done the two squirrels have begun to feel guilty that they perhaps left the northern kingdom for rather ignoble reasons: they held bad feelings against the squirrelking, who favoured others above them despite their years of long service, and they despised the vow they, along with the rest of the knights, had taken never to marry in memory of the assumed dead queen. Setting off south they run into the one hundred hares and together they set off in pursuit of Garous, Rakkety respected as their leader due to his carrying the sword of Martin.

Gulo interigates Beatrice and, after the former queen is put in a guarded tent, which, by complete and utter fluke, is the one where her daughter and Celia are kept, they realise their relation and a vermin guard spots this, she is threatened with Rosalind's death if she does not tell him the whereabouts of the Walking Stone she confesses that she gave it to Ursula, who, from what the two maids have said about their lives to the former Queen, which was overheard by a rather observant guard, must have given it to someone in the abbey of Redwall.

Arriving at Redwall's gates King Cloten demands information regarding the two "criminals", as he sees them. Abbot Humble is deeply concerned that he has given over the sword of Martin into the hands of evil beasts. He believes he has dreamed what he wanted to see, two heroes to save his abbey, and not truth. He wonders as to what affect the stone that hangs around his neck, given to him by Lady Ursula, has had on him and whether it has corrupted him mind. The squirrelking assures the abbot that he and his knights will rescue the two maids from the double peril.

Cloten and his knights track Rakkety and Doogie and the hares and meets them, demanding that he be allowed to arrest them for breaking their oaths to him. The hares do not consent until, overcome by guilt the two squirrels take blame upon themselves and confess to what had happened from the squirrelking's point of view. Cloten then takes command of the army and leads them south in pursuit of the wolverine following Gulo's trail, leaving the two culprits behind with a small guard of squirrels, vowing to deal with them after all else was accomplished.

Gulo, however, has ended up doubling back on himself as heads for Redwall and comes across the squirrels and takes them as prisoners on the chance that they are dear to the Redwallers. He then carries on northwards to Redwall and stands outside it, threatening to feast upon the flesh of his new captives if the Walking Stone is not surrended. Abbot Humble is only too glad to give it up. However, now in possession of the valued trinket Gulo whips his vermin up into a frenzy, convincing them that if the walking stone was so easily surrended the abbey must be bursting with treasures and they lay seige to it.

King Cloten and his army attack from the south. Upon seeing her husband again the Queen Beatrice whips the captives up to struggle against their captors, using whatever implement that comes to hand to fight. Rakkety and Rosalind, Doogie and Celia, fight alongside eachother.

It transpires that King Cloten and Gulo end up in combat before the gates of Redwall. Eventually the wolverine emerges victorious and is about to feast upon the flesh of his fallen challenger, when Beatrice challenges him. Rakkety, however, begs her not to fight him and says that it were better that he died than she did so taking up the sword of Martin from the squirrelking's limp paw he fights with Gulo and, of course, slays him. The vermin flee and are persued by vengeful hares...

Anyway, Queen Beatrice, taking up her fallen husband's crown, pardons Rakkety and Doogie and releases them from her service if they will and says that all may marry. Doogie decides to remain a knight under the new queen but jumps at the chance of marrying Celia. However, at the suggestion of marriage Rakkety and Rosalind just laugh, saying they are far too young- to be fair Doogie and Celia are a bit older- and they decide to stay at Redwall. Then of course, we have all the big tearfull farewells...

Hmm... that was a bit long. Does anyone have any -hopefull shorter- ideas to saves Brian's bacon?

June 8th, 2004, 11:16 AM
first off, i know from a reply to fan mail that he is writing the next one!

i would suggest that brian get scribbling. i couldnt think of anything.

June 8th, 2004, 12:42 PM
He mentioned that he was writing a new book? Did he give any hints as to its content?

June 8th, 2004, 02:16 PM
the letter said he was recuperating after his heart attack and he had begun work on a new, untitled redwall book. this was a few weeks ago. there werent any hints unfortunately thogh ill scan it over again...