View Full Version : The Cataclysmic End Part 1 Endless Despair

Luke the Warrior
July 13th, 2004, 05:37 PM
I'm doing this as i go so, i just wanted to say that this story is going to be about the end of the world and all of the noble warriors (including me lol...) coming back to life as angels dressed in golden tunics and big broadswords...

Life and Death two items the Great Angel uses on earth, Chaos and Destruction, two items the Guardian of Hellgates uses to wreak upon the world. But Guardian didn't know of Almighty's plan...to send the greatest warriors unto earth to destroy the hoards(sp?) of stoats, rats, ferrets, and weasels the Guardian will send to destroy everybeast. One such warrior, Gonff, was somehow banished unto Hellgates as a fallen angel. He was then whipped into despair by the stoats, viciously attacked by the ferrets, and burnt by the rats. It seemed to him like an eternity of darkness and no hope when all of a sudden... you guys just make up some continuations while i think up the rest of this part.

Cinnabarr Rivershell
July 14th, 2004, 12:11 AM
He realised that he had a flash light, so he turned it on, and there was no more darknesss. He felt happy, so he defeated the bad guys and skipped on home merrily into the golden rays of the Mossflower sunset, chewing on some candied chestnuts.

Bravo! Brovo! Encore!

July 14th, 2004, 03:30 PM
But, as soon as Gonff got back to his little Gonflet, an author with no knowledge of basic science decided to bring back all the enemies in a feverish attempt to extend the plotline longer than six sentences! She achieved it, because the story was now seven sentences! Aha, now it's eight!

Anyway, all the evil vermin reappeared next to Gonff's bed in the dormitories in a sinister puff of dark purple smoke. Gonff, although sleeping soundly at the time -- 2:45:06 a.m. -- was instantly on the alert because of the fetid smell. Grabbing his trusty dagger, he slashed bravely at the source of the smell and shouted triumphantly in his head -- as not to wake the little dibbuns sleeping nearby -- when the head of a ferret rolled down the stairs. This was good news; as little as the omnipresent author knows about battles and anatomy, she knows that it is generally favorable when your enemy's head has been successfully chopped off, as it's very hard for him to attack again, unless of course he is one of those fellas that usually gets magically revived simply because the author would like the story to be longer than twelve sentences plus one incredibly long, but remarkably almost grammatically correct, run-on sentence.

And so, in a poof of foul-smelling orange smoke, the ferret was brought back to life. With an evil sneer on his head --newly reattached -- he snarled at Gonff, "The cataclysmic end is near! Your doom shall soon be brought upon you! Doom, doom, death and destruction! Devastation and decay shall cause life to deviate from it's normal daily routines! Pretty soon, the entire world shall be covered in Darkness, Despair, Doom, Death, and Destruction! And no denial on your part will change anything!

"Also, this episode of The Cataclysmic End was brought to you by the letter D and the number 14."

Luke the Warrior
July 14th, 2004, 05:25 PM
Well Mrs.Smarty-Pants answer this question when does gonflet wake up huh? bet you don't know that answer...cough cough... anyways...

Gonff was so angry that he went into a berserk rage and yelled "Not you again you cheap bass-on-a- ! This time i'm gonna rip you're durned guts out and then feed 'em to my gonflet saying they are frogling guts...his favorite! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!"

Cinnabarr Rivershell
July 14th, 2004, 06:29 PM
What did you say! Why, bass is one of my favorite fish. You did mean the fish right? Well of course you did, what else could you have been talking about other than the fish, called a bass, which some how landed on a ? Ah you must have misspelled the word. You must have ment turf, like a track turf. Oh I get it. So Gonff called this guy a bass, which is a fish, who landed on some turf (the ground) I know that is what you meant, silly me for misinterpreting it. *starts to laugh with a nervous face* Come on everyone thats what he meant. Now laugh at his gunius humor!