View Full Version : One Day At Redwall

Lonna Bowstripe
August 15th, 2004, 01:50 PM
It was very fine at Redwall one day,
The elders were talking and the dibbuns were at play.
When suddenly out from behind the gate,
Lept Raga Bol. He said, "Your fate
is either to give Redwall to me,
or hang forever from a tree."

Then Lo! out of Redwall came,
That famous warrior full of fame.
Raga Bol and his crew trembled with fright,
While the Redwallers shrieked with grave delight.
Martin said toRaga, "Either fight with me,
Or turn around right NOW! and flee."

So Raga turned and ran for his hide,
While some of his searats fell down and cried.
Martin said "GO! and they obeyed,
Everybeast thanked Martin. "Did you rise from the grave?"
Asked one little dibbun. Martin said, "No.
For my home is the tapestry in Great Hall.