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Sandstripe the Wild
October 10th, 2004, 07:27 PM
The cellars had erupted into chaos, all around creatures barely out of dibbunhood ducked behind wine barrels and furniture as an argument erupted into a all out brawl between a young otter and badger. A pair of young abbey dwellers stood watching from the sidelines as the two creatures rolled about kicking and scratching at each other, the elder of the two was a young squirrel about two seasons out of dibbunhood, he had nutty brown fur, a large brush-like tail, and he wore a traditional forest green habit of a Redwall novice, his comrade was a beautiful mousemaid wearing a simple kitchen apron and red scarf around her neck, she had a long thin tail which flickered about the air in agitation, and bright brown eyes with shiny white teeth. The two friends sighed wearily as the young otter flew past them into a the side of a wine barrel. "He’s at it again, this is the third time this month he‘s done this. I'm beginning to worry about him Marcus." the mousemaid sighed. "He's a badger and a fighter, Sally, it's in his nature to fight. Oh course that won‘t be an excuse when Cask gets down here and sees his cellar wrecked” Marcus replied with a wry smile as he took a step back to avoid being crushed by the rolling combatants. "I suppose your right, the way those two are wrecking the place Cask will have them cleaning this place for a season." Sally laughed. They stood there for a few more seconds watching the combatants. "I guess we should stop them, eh?" Marcus asked. "Well we sure can't leave them like this can we?" Sally stated, gesturing toward the situation at hand. "Right." Marcus sighed. The squirrel started forward grabbing a nearby otter by the name of Jaro and the two of them headed over toward the raging combatants, with Marcus taking a quick hold of the young otter, whose name was Retto, and Jaro grabbing Sett from behind. The two friends managed to pry apart the combatants and separate them long enough for them to calm down and storm off in different directions, Sett made his way over to Marcus with Jaro following closely behind him. “By the stripe, why’d ya do that?” the young badger raged. “That temper of yours is going to get you in a world of trouble someday Sett Silverstripe, mark my words.” Sally scolded as she walked up and propped herself beside Marcus and Jaro.