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October 26th, 2004, 12:30 PM
In my sophomore year of high school I took a Computer Graphics course for two trimesters. In the first trimester we did our work on an old-fashioned, pixelated, DOS-based progam. For one project I created an image of Matthias from the TV series, with Redwall Abbey behind. I duplicated the original images (from www.redwalltv.com) using my eyes and hand only; the images were incompatible with the paint program, so it would have been impossible for me to trace over them or something like that.

During the second trimester we learned how to use Adobe Illustrator (AI), and for one of the projects, I created an image of Martin the Warrior. It's almost entirely based on a screenshot from www.redwall.tv, and I basically blew that up and traced over it.

In the third trimester of that year I was very bogged down with work and I dropped the course (Advanced AI). But my senior year I tried it again. The last project of the class was to create a travel poster advertising some imaginary place, either something we make up or some pre-existing imaginary place. We had to put one or two "civilian" or "native" characters in the picture as well. I went all-out-Redwall. Everything the image was based on or traced over can be found at www.redwalltv.com.

See my artwork at http://www.filespace.org/Rolinko/ . You'll find bitmap conversions of the final DOS image, and a full shot of the character on the image as well, because it had to be cut off to look good on the final. You'll also find the image of Martin, the travel poster, and a solo shot of the travel poster's character, all in AI format, which should be viewable on Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Hope it works; filespace likes to die now and again.