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Sargeant Glint
February 18th, 2005, 10:59 PM
yah all these characters were created by my mates at avidgamers.com/abbey. so yah you should go and read my shameless plug and that will tell you all about it ((in the best site thing))

Well here it is please post what you think

Lord Firepaw looked out of the forge window, Glint sat on the beach staring off to the east. He sat there thinking to himself, there coming, I know it. Gronto and Sergeant Corith came over a dune at a slow pace followed by two score hares. When they reached Glint they reported nothing and went inside for so food. Glint had been a runner for many years, there was none better than him even as he grew older. Lord Firepaw was the newest badger lord of the famed fire mountain. Sergeant Corith was Glint’s closest friends and was his assistant battalion commander. Gronto was a great runner and warrior and also was Glint’s brother.
The mountain housed over 10 score hares and they were preparing to march in less then a fort night. They just had to wait for Glint’s sword to be finished. He had the most glorious sword that was ever made, except for the abbey sword but nothing could stand up to that, it was a saber that was long and thin, it could be moved with the slightest of ease by Glint yet there were only a few others that could carry the sword considering it weighed close to the same as a full grown hare. Without it he felt helpless, if he had his saber he would be marching every hare out of the mountain at this very instance, and yet there wasn’t a single hare ready to move yet.
Lord Firepaw was the one that made the saber for Glint as a sort of gift for becoming the battalion commander. Even though he was the Badger Lord he sometimes took a back seat and let Glint take over. He had been hard at work for close to the past year rebuilding the saber. It was shattered when Glint used it against the Sword of Redwall. A devious stoat by the name of Naj’t designed a scheme to take the Sword of Redwall and, being a vermin, use it for his evil deeds.

Naj’t stepped forward from the trees with Plague Blackfoot close behind. “Plague, how close are we to being ready.”
“We will be ready tonight, sir.”
“Excellent, when the sun sets I want to be moving. Are our men set up so they will be the sentries tonight.”
“Yes sir, they sent me word this afternoon. Everything is going as planned sir.”
“Good lets go back in and relax until tonight.” A grin pierced the lips of the evil stoat. His plan was unfolding nicely, all he needed now was to get into the abbey and it would be completed. He took one last quick look at the abbey. The sky was turning orange and the sentries were switching. He saw his men go up and smiled again. He dodged back into the trees and had to stifle a cackle.
Inside the trees was a small clearing packed with vermin. They were all sitting or standing around. Some were eating, a few were sleeping, and the rest were sharpening there blades. They gave a quick salute to there leader as he walked into the small area. Riff and Tallarn were sitting next to each other talking quietly. When there leader entered again they stopped and glanced over at him. Plague walked over towards the two and sat down talking. The three of them got up and left the area to a more secluded place for a quite chat.
Riff was the first to open his mouth as if to speak but was halted by a quick rap from Plague. “Listen up you stupid ferret, you will not speak to me unless I ask you too. The only reason you are here is because you overheard us and Naj’t would have noticed if you were dead. Now then, I have him completely fooled that everyone is ready to help him with his cause. He still has a few followers but none of them have gone to him yet. Now then, how many have to decided to help us?”

Tallarn stepped forward and said “only a score and a half sir.”

Plague gave him a quick kick in the gut. “You told me yesterday that we had two, what happened.”

Recovering from the kick, Tallarn just barely squeaked out, “I think someone we couldn’t get went to Naj’t. There was a meeting last night while we were scouting. I don’t know what was said though.”

Plague was so furious he yelled in frustration. Startled, a stoat jumped moving the bush that he was he was resting behind. Tallarn instinctively twirled and shot an arrow slaying the stoat where he stood. He let a smile crease his face but was lashed several times in the back and head with a switch.

Plague continued hitting Tallarn not saying a word. Finally the switch shattered and a few splinters lodged in Tallarn’s back. “If you kill another of my horde, I wont be so merciful.” He spun and began to walk away, but was halted by Tallarn’s comment. “Its not your horde its still Naj’t’s.”

Scooping up a rock Plague through it hitting Tallarn square in the face. The rock was not sharp but the plain force that Plague had thrown it pierced the skin on his head. Tallarn’s head bleed furiously as he sobbed like a dibbun. Plague glanced at the Tallarn as he was sobbing on the ground, “this is my horde, and in the morning when we have taken care of this, you may not be here. It wont be from a Redwallers hand either.” Plague turned and walked off back towards the camp. “I will send a healer, remember though you tripped. Nothing will upset my plans.”

The peaceful abbey was heading to bed. The dibbuns had been in bed for quite some time and the sun was about to set. Glint, Gronto, Sergeant Corith, Lord Firepaw and a very large patrol of hares were sneaking over the wall. Gronto was disguised as a vermin so when they went over the wall the slew the vermin and replaced him with Gronto. Altogether there was a score of hares now inside the abbey. Glint positioned them all around the area. He motioned for Lord Firepaw to pull on the chains that had conceitedly found there way to the other vermin’s feet. Lord Firepaw pulled and the vermin fell to the ground and were shackled together. Gronto had made others up like vermin and they took there places. Glint didn’t know why the vermin were outside but it wasn’t good. The remaining hares were stationed in the courtyard as Glint headed towards the Champion of Redwall’s cabin.

Glint knocked on the door not knowing if any dibbuns were inside. The door was opened and the smiling face of Crone looked out. He slapped Glint’s shoulder and invited him in. “Glint me ol’ mate, what are you doin’ ‘ere and why wasn’t I told of your arrival.”

“I whish it would have been that simple Crone. There are vermin outside your gates, and at nightfall they are going to attack. There aren’t enough of them to take over the abbey now that me and my jolly old hares are here. But the bally blighters number around two or three score. There not well trained but we still need to be on guard.”

Crone shook his head in disapproval, “how did my sentries miss them.”

“They have been in hiding for the past week or so, I know you have the rule of not letting any vermin in the gates but for this plan to work we must, we sent Gronto in and your sentries were vermin. They planned to let them…”

Glint was cut off by a yell from Crone. “What do you mean let them in. There will never be a vermin in these walls as long as I am the protector of them.” He slammed his mighty fist on the tabled cracking it though the middle.

“I know my old friend, but it is the only way to figure out there plan. If we go out the front gates to them then we are at a disadvantage to them. But if we open the gates and shoot arrows and sling stones then we should take a jolly lot of them before they even enter. We can flank them by having my hares climb the walls again and I have a scout in the forest with twenty or so squirrels and otters ready to lend a helping paw. This is what we must do.”

Sargeant Glint
February 18th, 2005, 11:01 PM
Crone sat down not saying word. Glint took up a chair as well and sharpened his blade, knowing that his speech had worked. Crone glanced up at the sword and stood up. “Alright, you win. We will do battle with the vermin.” Crone reached above his mantle removing the great sword. “I will go and wake my warriors.” Crone buckled the sword on and left the cottage. Glint put his stone away and looked at the great banner that the sword was hung under. He did a little nod and left as well.

The sun had now set and it was dark enough that a paw couldn’t be seen in front of ones face. All that was seen was a single torch, carried by the now one eyed Riff, running towards the gates. He ran to the gate and knocked twice. The knock was returned and Riff ran back to the forest where everyone was waiting. “Its already Naj’t.”

Naj’t nodded at the ferret and turned to his small horde. “Listen up men, we go in and kill all abbey dwellers that stand in our way. You may have thought we are here for the abbey itself, but you are wrong. You are here to serve me and I am here for the Sword of Redwall. Now, let us go and take it.” Naj’t turned on his heal and headed for the abbey. His measly horde followed. Plague and his horde stayed back and followed slower. Tallarn walked beside him a dagger drawn. Plague looked over and smiled. The blind seer was to be useless soon, he might as well trip him and have him slit his own gizzard. Plague stuck his foot out and Tallarn just jumped over it. “I may be blind, but I see all.” Plague mumbled something to himself and continued on.

Naj’t reached the door and tapped once. The door was flung open and arrows shot through the opening like angry bees. Naj’t ducked as the first barrage of arrows took the first rank by surprise. The back ranks of hares shot sling stones over the walls onto the ranks of Plagues hoard. The hares were rewarded by screams of agony. The half score of hares and assorted squirrels and otters charged in from the back. Sergeant Corith was met by Riff. Corith being the better fighter knocked him down. Stepping on his back and kicking him in the head Riff was removed from battle before it had really started. The arrows and sling stones halted for fear of hitting a friendly unit. The half score of hares, Crone, Glint, Gronto, and Lord Firepaw charged out of the abbey attacking the horde with no mercy.
Crone was the first to find Naj’t. Naj’t brought his sword to meet Crone’s but was shattered. Crone would have slain him there but when the sword broke it went into his eyes. Naj’t was a sly stoat and expected his sword to break, so he dipped it into poison and let it soak for the past few days and nights. Crone screamed in agony as he dropped the sword. Realizing this was his chance he lifted the sword and removed the head of Crone. The battle continued as this all happened but when the head and body reached the ground it all seemed to stop. The famous abbey warrior, slain with his own sword. How could this be, it couldn’t be happening. But it did, it was all true. The Abbey Warrior was slain and his sword had fallen into a vermin’s hands.
By time everything was taken in by the hares and Redwallers Naj’t was gone and so was his horde. Plague took his east and Naj’t went north. Two hares and four Redwallers had been slain. Glint knew they should be giving chase to Naj’t but he couldn’t move. He had never felt this but once in his life. His mother had been slain when he was little by rapscallions while they were still living outside of Salamandastron. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t blink. The only thing he could think of was the last moments when he watched Crone slain. It played over and over, threatening to drive him insane. He could have saved him, there was no need for his death. The sword was gone and there was nothing to protect Redwall. He would have to stay until more hares arrived, he would have to beery the body. There was so much to do and not enough time because as every moment past the stoat slipped farther and farther away. Under all the pressure Glint had not notice the slash on his side. He was bleeding bad enough that his entire left side was crimson. He started to waver and he fell to the ground. The last thing he saw was Crone’s face in front of his.

okay there is alot more but I dont want to copy and paste it right now