View Full Version : Shalefur of Redwall

April 15th, 2005, 11:41 AM
Flinky the stoat's band had prospered since they left Redwall. Although Rogg and Floggo had died, Plumnose had married and had a babe named Shalefur. Flinky and Crinktail had had a babe named Anigtra. And Badredd had married and had a babe named Whelk.

Tryblade the Ruthless was still a young weasel, but she was meaner than any fox, rat, ferret, stoat, weasel, pine marten, or wildcat in the horde. She eyed Flinky's group ready to attack. Agga the pine marten, her first captain, asked: "should I give the order to charge, Cheif?" "Not yet, catch 'em off guard." The vermin horde waited for their chief's order.

Badredd was looking for fruit. He spied Tryblade's horde. "Attack, attack!" he yelled. He didn't have time fore any more words. He fell slain, with an arrow through his heart, as the hordes of Tryblade attacked. They conquered, and Slipback, Juppa, and Plumnose's mate were slain.

To be continued...