View Full Version : An Empty Barrel of Ale

Lady Blaireao
July 10th, 2005, 03:20 PM
Ambrose Spike had been told by the Abbot to bring up a barrel of October
Ale, for Basil's birthday feast. He had bruoght along a trolley, so he wouldn't have to lug a full barrel up to the orchard. Well, when he went to lift the barrel,
he found it was extrodinarily light. In fact, it was empty! :eek: On his way over to the cellar door, (he was going up to tell them there was no ale) he had a vision. It was of Martin the Warrior, Gonff, Dinny, Amber, Bella, & Skipper.
They all had flagons of October Ale, and were laughing and singing uproariously. Ambrose was confused, no one had ever seen Martin this way, at
least no one who had visions of him. Martin, who had had a little too much ale
( ;) ) stood up and started to speak.
"Spike Ambrose, you are the best Hogcellar Wallred Abbey ever had; this pale brown liquid stuff is great!" and with that, they all dissapeared.
How strange, Ambrose thought as he went up stairs.
- Lady Blaireau