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January 24th, 2003, 08:37 PM
...Kingdom Hearts that is. I've beaten it. I put 53 hours, 14 minutes, and 55 seconds into that game and all my efforts have paid off! I got all 99 puppies, sealed every keyhole, and beat all the Cups at Coliseum, and I obtained the secret ending...

After defeting Ansem (last boss) in his super form, the essence of all kingdoms, Kingdom Hearts, opens up( it's a big door), and Sora, Donald and Goofy go and try to close it so the darknes thats within doesn't come out. They push on the door and Riku (dude in Goozy's avatar), who had brcome a heartless himself, pulls on the door to try and help close it. All of a sudden, King Mickey pops up and is holding a keyblade. He tells you to close the door. The three of you push while Riku pulls and right before it closes, Riku says, "Take care of her". The "her" I'm reffering to is Kairi, who, after you and Mickey seal the door and it dissipears with Riku and Mickey in it, appears to say goodbye to Sora. He runs over to her and wacthes as she floats away while "Simple and Clean" plays in the background *hums*. It shows her on the island crying because she misses Sora and shes pretty much says that she likes Sora in a way that I'm not gonna explain, but she does. The credits roll, and it goes to a cutscene with Sora, Donald and Goofy and Pluto. Pluto has a letter from King Mickey in his mouth and Sora and co. chase him. The camera fades out and goes to the Special Ending...


It opens up with the words, "Another side, Another Story..." then it opens up to a riany town full of lights and an empty street. A person wearing a black trench with a hood walks forward and about 50 (yes 50) heartless appear. The mystery person takes out 2 (yes 2) awesome looking keyblades and flips them around. The camera goes up onto a roof of a building overlooking mystery person battiling heartless and shows a person with blue hair (Riku, I think) wearing a band over his eyes like hes blind. He takes it off. The camera goes back down to mystery person. (for reference, I'm gonna call him/her ??? from now on.) ??? starts to whisper something and it says some text, it says, "Where's Sora?" it then shows some more text, lines that are spoken. The last words you see are "We'll go together". The excitement at this point was coursing through me because this of course, was a preview for KH2. Can't wait!

January 24th, 2003, 09:53 PM
Tell me, is the game fun? I've been wanting to play it real bad, but the only chance I'll probably ever get to play it is if it comes out on PC.

January 25th, 2003, 01:30 AM
Glen , if it wasn't fun, I'd have traded it in already. And trust me, it's not coming out for PC.

And for those of you wanting to know what ??? (Unknown) and Blue Haired Dude (Blind) look like...

Unknown 1 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/Unknown1.jpg)

Unknown 2 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/Unknown2.jpg)

Unknown 3 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/Unknown3.jpg)

Unknown 4 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/Unknow4.jpg)

Unknown 5 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/Unknown5.jpg)

Unknown 6 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/Unknown6_dual_keys.jpg)

Unknown 7 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/Unknown7.jpg)

Blind 1 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/Blind1.jpg)

Blind 2 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/Blind2.jpg)

Blind 3 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/Blind3.jpg)

I hope the links work, there really kewl pics.

January 25th, 2003, 08:16 PM
Sorry, I messed up on the URL's of the pics. Here's the right ones.

Unknown1 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/unknown1.jpg)

Unknown 2 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/unknown2.jpg)

Umknown 3 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/unknown3.jpg)

Unknown 4 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/uknown4.jpg)

Unknown 5 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/uknown5.jpg)

Uknown 6 (kewlist pic!) (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/uknown6_dual_keys.jpg)

Unknown 7 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/uknown7.jpg)

Blind 1 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/blind1.jpg)

Blind 2 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/blind2.jpg)

Blind 3 (http://home.graffiti.net/darkhood_343/blind3.jpg)

Now, I hope those work, or I'm gonna feel stupid.