View Full Version : Little Cluny's Lunch

Lady Blaireao
July 17th, 2005, 01:10 PM
"Lardbarrel, what kinda bird is this?" Cluny asked, his eyes closed with
delight as ripped in a leg. Lardbarrel smiled before answering, happy his friend liked it.
"Well, Cluny,er, Your Scourgeness, it's a gannet."
"Two questions, Lardy, first, who made it? Second, if you're so stupid,
how do you even know a gannet's a bird?"
"My mother made it, Scourgeness. And she also told me it was a gannet."
"Your mother made this?" he asked, surprised. "It's... gone! Lardbarrel,
who stole our, my bird?!"
"I did," it was a small, sickly looking creature, and it looked like a cross between a ferret and a rat.
Cluny had trouble controlling his rage, but he manged his most imperious voice, nevertheless. "What are you, and where's my lunch?" The creature smiled nervously. "I am called Shadow... master. I don't know what sort of creature I am. Sorry about your bird, please,don't hurt me, I can be of use!"
"Yeah? Well, can you get us more lunch?"
"Oh, yes lord! Lots more!"
"Good, then git goin'! And be back soon, I'm hungry." As Shadow turned to go, Cluny called back,"Wait, we should shake on it, or something."
"Cluny," Lardbarrel whispered. "You said Vermin Warlords don't
shake on things."
"Er, right. Never mind, Shadow, keep going!"
Shadow was back in less than five minutes, with an armload of fruits, desserts, fish, seabird, eggs, and drinks. Cluny was pleased.
"You know, Shadow," he said, stuffing a small fish into his mouth. "I think you have a place among my hoard."
the end.
- Lady Blaireau