View Full Version : Little Cluny's First Bath

Lady Blaireao
July 20th, 2005, 03:16 PM
"Mother, leggo of me! Please! I'll be a good rat, I'll kill woodlanders, whatever, just please, don't bathe me! You'll kill me! Lardbarrel doesn't take baths!" Cluny squirmed wildly in his mother's grasp, trying to evade the soapy water he was being carried to.
"Cluny," his mother explained. "Cluny, my dear little vermin, all good little rats need to take a bath on their tenth season. After that, it's every two seasons, so try to be brave, my little Cluny-woony. Even your little friend Wax-
ear is taking his first bath." She pointed to wherte a few feet away, Cluny's friend was also tring to escape. Shadow doesn't have to take a bath. And he doen't get called stupid pet names either, Cluny thought. Then an idea of how to escape dawned on him. Shadow. He could do anything. Like get Cluny out of the dratted tub. All he needed was an oppertunity. And he got one, him and Lardbarrel.
"Cluny, dearest, stay here, me and Waxear's mother are going to get flower petals for the water." Cluny wasted no time.
"Lardy," he whispered. "Lardy, be quiet, I'm going to get us out of here. Shadow! Shadow! Come here! Hurry, we're in trouble!" But then his plans fell through. He saw a strange looking creature leading Shadow on a rope tied to his paws. The other beast, a female, has berating Shadow about sneaking off on bath day. She too, though went to get petals, and tied the end of the rope to a bush near where Cluny sat in a tub.
"Shadow, get out of those ropes, hurry!"
"But Cluny, their extra thick, not even I could bite through them."
"Well, than we'll do it together!" Cluny and Shadow bit through the ropes, and went to get Lardbarrel out. Thst was when their mothers came back.
"Norva," Lardbarrel's mother said. "What do you think we should do?"
"My Shadows's definatley got something nasty in store."
"Wait, I have an idea."
Cluny and his two pals had their paws bound to each other, and they were gagged. Then they had a bath together, an extra long one, as punishment.
the end.