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January 27th, 2003, 04:58 PM
How popular is redwall at your school?
Alot of people in my class knows or read Redwall, but I don't know anyone who is a fan as big as I am...

January 27th, 2003, 05:19 PM
Out of the 20... Or... Argh, the semester's just ended, so I'm not sure how many people are actually in my school now. Well, at least fifteen. Out of the fifteen or so people at my school, none of them that I know of like Redwall! I know! Impossible, right?! Sigh... Some people... As for my 'official' high school, I've got no idea, because I obviously don't know all 2000 kids. :p

January 27th, 2003, 05:45 PM
Nope. I don't know a single person who reads, forget being a big fan about, Redwall. Well, I do know that somebody in my grade read it for a book report in 6th grade, which sort of "reminded" me that maybe I should read the book, but I don't know if he liked it though. One of my friends has the book, but he never read it as far as I know. Another one of my friends tried reading it, and lost it about a thousand times, and then when I tried pushing "Taggerung" into her hands, she said she hated Redwall, I hit her with the book, and later, with my hands (though not that hard!).

Baby Rollo
January 27th, 2003, 05:50 PM
Redwall is very popular in my school because my school is located in the abbey itself.

January 27th, 2003, 06:01 PM
The only person whom I know of at school who's a big fan is my sister's friend...
Redwall fans at my school seem to be in the minority, unfortunatly.

Slagar the Cruel
January 27th, 2003, 06:48 PM
I saw someone reading "The Long Patrol" at my school once. He was speaking with another person who seemed to be interested in the series. That's basically it. Redwall books really aren't popular around my area, and even if they were, I doubt that they'd be all that popular with people at my school. *gags*

Lyrian Aryns
January 27th, 2003, 06:50 PM
I don't know about the majority, but among my school friends, Redwall is actally quite popular. I've also seen a number of kids I don't know carrying around Redwall books, so I guess my school isn't totally against it.

January 27th, 2003, 07:07 PM
Also, how many people at your school don't like redwall at all?

Lord Servone
January 27th, 2003, 07:48 PM
Well, besides me, there is only one other person that I know personally that reads the books...he read them before I did, in fact...waaaaay before I did.
I know somebody else reads the books (at least Mattiemo) in the lower grades for the book had accidently been left in a classroom I was in.... I don't know who all reads the books as I don't know what everyone reads...I know some people who read Harry Potter, but that's about it...

January 27th, 2003, 08:11 PM
Hah, every single person in my school likes Redwall, every single one. Me being the only one.

Baby Rollo
January 27th, 2003, 08:58 PM
Homeschooling must be kinda neat, Darkhood. You get to be the Captain of all the sports teams. You're in every club and you're learning in the comfort of your own home. Plus, you never have to do homework because you're doing your work at home, which is your school.

January 28th, 2003, 04:23 PM
lol, Rollo.

How many people don't like Redwall? As I mentioned before, my friend said she hated Redwall. That's all I know for right now. But seriously, it seems that nobody in my school actually reads.

Lady Terra
January 28th, 2003, 04:38 PM
i dont know anyone in my school that does. there might be some though. like Moonshadow said, i dont know many people at my school that actually read. ><

Lyrian Aryns
January 28th, 2003, 04:49 PM
For the number of those that don't read/like Redwall, I'd have to say ditto to Moon and Terra... precious few actually enjoy reading for pleasure. :\ I do have a friend who said Redwall gave her nightmares, however.

Lord Servone
January 28th, 2003, 05:58 PM
Same way at my school... very few people read for pleasure like me and the said friend of mine. There's Accelerated Reader (for JR high) and Novels class (elective for high school), in which people get to chose the books they read for the credit...but that doesn't really count as pleasure reading... all the LOTR books and the Hobbit are AR books (not the Similirian (sp?) though...although, I was surprised to see that our library had it). No Redwall books are on the list though...

January 28th, 2003, 06:06 PM
Now why would it give them nightmares?
I know only one person who reads Redwall...Out of all the people at school. My art teacher. She saw me doodling and said "Oh, you like Redwall too?" Everyone else just looks at me funny when they see me with a book covered in animals in clothes. They seem to think books about talking critters are pretty stoopid. FOOLS!
Oh, and my Slagar obsessed friend. She's 8 years old. I was just at Yerf, and she was saying "that picture!" every other second. Even worse, that particular artist's gallery had lotsa Redwall art. She likes Cluny too. Doi.
Two people. Just two. *sigh*
Exams started today. I'm stressed.:eek:

January 28th, 2003, 07:46 PM
Most likely no one in my school has never even heard of redwall none the less be a big fan of the series. *sighs audibly* No one to talk about redwall with except here.......gets kind of lonely

January 30th, 2003, 05:14 PM
Well, I found out today in the school library that somebody actually liked Redwall, or I least I think he does. I noticed that he was reading the book "Martin the Warrior", but I didn't say anything till he said, "I'm going to finish this book today!". He didn't mean the whole book, but just the first part of the three, and also said some other stuff that I just had to correct him on (heh). I found out that his favorite book was Redwall, and his least favorite book is Mossflower ( :eek: )

January 30th, 2003, 06:19 PM
Well, I've yet to meet anyone here who reads Redwall. Too busy to read anything other than Bach and Beethoven. ;)

I've always thought it's a shame that they don't, not only because the books are so great, but because there's so much that could be done with them, especially composition-wise. Whenever young composers set poems to music, seems like they're always doing the usual famous ones that everybody and their brother uses... What better inspiration could you have than to set some BJ poems to music? Or write a piece about the events of TLP or Mossflower? It would be so much fun to be a composer simply because you can write about anything you want. Yet we either get the standard "Sonata for Trumpet", "Octet for Wind Instruments", or weird/esoteric titles that make no sense and don't reflect the music. :\

Tree (...who, Redwall week or no, still manages to bring music into every post... :o)


"As a boy I remember how terribly real the statues of the saints would seem at 7 o'clock Mass-before I'd had breakfast. From that I learned always to conduct hungry."

~Leopold Stokowski~

December 10th, 2005, 01:13 PM
A lot of people read the books at my school, it takes forever to be able to get the one you want. although are school's popualtion is about a thousand and there's only two copies of every book except for High Rhulain becasue we don't have that one yet. I'm probably the one that's truly insane over the books though. :hon:

December 10th, 2005, 01:37 PM
No one at my school reads the NECESSARY books, let alone a book for pleasure. I am probably the only fan in my city, I never hear anyone talk about it

December 10th, 2005, 02:26 PM
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December 10th, 2005, 02:46 PM
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December 12th, 2005, 11:29 AM
use to be real popular until potter came along.