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Lonna Bowstripe
July 30th, 2005, 09:36 PM
Again, another old thread from Glenner that I though I'd resurface. Anyway, you simply type in the first word of your screen name on google followed by "is", with quotes around it. Example: "Lonna is" The quotes make google count both words as one, so you don't get "Lonna, King of the Badgerlords, is trying... etc." Here are some of mine.

Lonna is instrumental
Lonna is the best Sister ever (Ewwww...;))
Lonna is working (No, I'm sitting in front of the computer.)
Lonna is wonderful
Lonna is a year old (I am! I must be a child prodigy!:eek: )
Lonna is energized
Lonna is hot (I'd like that if I was a girl...;))
Lonna is responsible
Lonna is alive (No, I'm not.)
Lonna is a single teenage mother (:eek: )
Lonna is employed at Red Lobster

July 30th, 2005, 09:48 PM
I've already done this before.

"Bladeswift is not a member of any public groups."
Ironically, that result comes from this site.

Blade is a visual tour-de-force
BLADE is not mindless entertainment
As a character, Blade is a terrific property
Blade is named for how he kills the vampires preying on the humyn species
blade is technically defined as any flake that is more than twice as long
Blade is housed in a huge warehouse complete with a myriad of catwalks and more electrical power than most cities have

July 30th, 2005, 10:31 PM
An easier way to get these results is Googlism (http://www.googlism.com). :)

Lyrian Aryns
July 30th, 2005, 11:38 PM
It's more interesting to see where all these things are from, though.. :p Asterisked one is actually me.

lyrian is the mother race of off all intellegent races
Lyrian -is- still an interesting guy, eh?
*Lyrian is artistically challenged.
Lyrian is the Root Race of most Human races
Lyrian is mine! BACK OFF!!!
Lyrian is a very stubborn person
Lyrian is save for now and that is all that matters
Lyrian is a cleric
lyrian is easier to type
Lyrian) is from the planet Njssan in the Lyra system
Lyrian is the wrong term

And then the ones from Google's desktop search...

Lyrian is teh awesomest!111one
Lyrian is my hero
Lyrian is an idiot
Lyrian is a loser
Lyrian is bored
Lyrian is, quite possibly, the laziest person in the world
Lyrian is shutting up now
Lyrian is lurking
Lyrian is Miers is Liem is Seb is Benny is... who am I, again?
Lyrian is amused now
Lyrian use vocab word. Lyrian is happy. Lyrian shuts up.
Lyrian is happy ferret with many goodies
Lyrian is so clearly trapped in a cage at the top of the board, and she still gets credit for my work!

Strangely enough, all (but one) of those were said by me. Most of them are from my forum, with a few from various and sundry Secret Documents and stuff. Just in case, like, you cared. :p

Cale Yin
July 31st, 2005, 12:35 AM
I couldn't get any Caleyin on googlism so I had to do my first name-

carlee is accused of cheating and is taken in hand by local lawyers
carlee is invited to stay with the enigmatic doctor craig
carlee is about 3 years old
carlee is a fruitful
carlee is a very attractive young lady with striking dark eyes
carlee is also a gifted spiritual/psychic reader
carlee is going to try to fit in the hobby of collecting african violets so we can share a hobby over the long miles between us
carlee is sweating bullets and putting out fires
carlee is hooked on emode quizzes (I was at one point!)
carlee is a canberra business located at shop 4
carlee is 19 years old and the daughter of sonia and stuart collins of sarasota (WHOA- I am almost 19, my dad's name is stuart, and we're supposed to move to Sarasota in the next few years!)
carlee is a fool go to top of page
carlee is very sound fundamentally in all phases
carlee is paralized so when she sits
carlee is working on his biography
carlee is recommending the tax rate
carlee is a phenomenal athlete with endless
carlee is the type of guy who makes sure all the iís are dotted and the tís are crossed (bwah!)
carlee is talking about?
carlee is already in the classroom on campus and is teaching courses in basic language in german and middle high german (I'm trying to learn German myself right now)
carlee is on crack polishers rule :lol:
carlee is on the left
carlee is home but mom said she's not up to par yet keep the prayers going
carlee is one of the most severely learning disabled students at the high school
carlee is with classy ladies
carlee is so totally jiggy

The regular Google:
is why I'm glad to see that Caleyin is learning and make up her own
mind (whatever party/candidate it leads her to!).
(that's all it came up with)

I got a lot of results saying things about a dog named Carlee and being best in show at Westminster and being a rottweiler.

July 31st, 2005, 10:06 AM
Cheesethief is in charge (Of course)
Cheesethief is killed (Shucks)
Cheesethief, is it OK if I meet you? (?)
Cheesethief is online now (Well, duh)
Cheesethief is an ambitious rodent with few redeeming qualities who wants to be leader of the horde so badly he can taste it (Well, not that much)
Cheesethief is not a member of any public groups (That's me)

And that's it!

July 31st, 2005, 02:56 PM
Ringmaster Is Needed to Monitor This DebateTonight around 6, a woman dressed as a lion will walk around on crutches in the parking lot outside the Arrowhead Pond. (Okay.... You have the wrong number please try again)

Ringmaster is to offer a candid look at Jerry when he's not on (How about no)

Ringmaster is lacking (In what?)

RingMaster is not required to list any featured Sites (so quit emailing me about it!)

RingMaster is also not obligated to share that fee with WebRing (Great, so now I have to pay)

Ringmaster is a medicated peanut oil (How ironic I'm allgergic to peanuts. Yes, I'm serious)

Ringmaster is applied to the affected area you will feel a warm ... (And thats where the censors started working ;))

Ringmaster is also relaxing and helpful (Why thanks, I think)

Ringmaster is very simple to operate (Yes, I do beleive in mind control)

Ringmaster is the worst and most nightmarish (Yeah, thanks *sarcasm*)

And that's where I got tired of Copying and Pasting.

July 31st, 2005, 07:13 PM
Oh this is fun

grath is associated with the wolf and the eagle(well I was wondering why I liked them so)

grath is the last of the holt lutra tribe of otters(well duh)

grath is so cool (Yay I'm special) :shades:

grath is a new fur here in edmonton (well thats scary)

grath is an insectoid alien who is babylon 5's resident enforcer (So thats why the funny men in white suits are after me)

grath is an otter (funny I thought I was a mouse)

grath is bowling (No I'm not I'm right here typing this sentence)

grath is yummy (ew)

grath is president (Overthrows Martin :D )

grath is sleepy (Yeah I do need to go to bed earlier)

grath is dat de keuze van de godengenealogie voor cosimo nauwelijks een specifieke betekenis had (wah???)

yeah those are some of them.

July 31st, 2005, 08:04 PM
Couldn't find any matches for Felldoh. :( So I'll do my first name.

dylan is how old?
dylan is 60
dylan is accompanied by the xta dp
dylan is a wannabe graphic designer
dylan is a new addition to the hive
dylan is met
dylan is here where i need him
dylan is "electrifying" at newport folk
dylan is in his own bed
dylan is one of baby's kittens
dylan is still relevant and still singing songs
dylan is god
dylan is the one
dylan is the man
dylan is 8
dylan is the big 1 today
dylan is a total musician
dylan is a
dylan is how old? by kimberly burge music review
dylan is how old? by kimberly burge
dylan is this dylan
dylan is positively on top of his game
dylan is not impressed
dylan is an advanced
dylan is a large package
dylan is a general
dylan is going swimmin
dylan is "electrifying" at newport folk festival
dylan is in his own bed yeah
dylan is enough of a kitten that his purrsonality
dylan is a new object
dylan is still relevant and still singing songs about moving on
dylan is having the most fun on stage that he has had since the sixties
dylan is a 'restless pilgrim'
dylan is a high
dylan is the "write anything
dylan is a new general purpose object
dylan is a new programming language invented by apple computer and developed with harlequin and other partners
dylan is the one source
dylan is now officially announced and the public beta program is still going on
dylan is among them
dylan is the man by kara mihlon
dylan is no pop star
dylan is 'the greatest'
dylan is 5 year old male/neutered purebred smooth coat border collie
dylan is one of the greatest
dylan is missing

I always knew I was God. :lol:

Lyrian Aryns
July 31st, 2005, 08:34 PM
grath is an insectoid alien who is babylon 5's resident enforcer (So thats why the funny men in white suits are after me)More like grey uniforms, actually. :p

</pointless one-liner of the month>