View Full Version : Little Cluny's First Love...part 1

Lady Blaireao
August 5th, 2005, 09:10 PM
Cluny was, surprisingly enough, out on the shore with his friends (or as he called them, "Diabloical Comrades") coming the beach for seashells & searching
tidepools for food. He did not tell his "comrades" why. So Lardbarrel asked.
"Your Scourgeness, why are we doing this? My paws are tired, &...
ohhhh! Look at this shell!" he said, diving for a monsterous empty clam shell.
"It's mine, get away from it!" yelled Cluny, as he too, dived for the shell.
"Anyway, why we're doing this is none of your buisness... get down!!!!!!!! If
she sees me with you, she'll never like me!" He jumped around franticly, pushing Lardbarrel's and Sdhadow's heads into the sand.
"That," Cluny said dreamily, (he was obviously in his own little world.)
"is Pike, the most sinister, beautiful, tough, searat in the world. She's going to be my mate, if we can find enough seafood & prety shells."
to be continued...

Lady Blaireao
August 26th, 2005, 08:01 PM
At around teatime, Cluny presented his gifts to Pike. There were two score seashells, some clams, limpets, blennys, & a crab. Cluny could see it now...
Pike would see all the work he had done, all the effort he put in,(the effort & work, of course, were really Shadow & Lardbarrel's doing.) & she'd say something like "Oh Cluny, you're the most evil rat ever!". Sudden yelling distracted him from hius montage.
"Do you even know how long thart fish has been dead? And what am I going to with seashells? More importantly, who are you?!"
"I'm Cluny the... uh... uh... Scourge the Cluny? No, Cluny the... the-"
"He's Cluny the Scourge." Lrdbarrell cut in. "He came here to ask you to join our horde. I think he likes you." Pike looked shocked. Then discusted.
"Wow. That is the grosest thing I've ever heard. Furthermore, you're not a horde, a horde is 100 or more vermin. Wait, did you just take a bath?
No wonder you're doing this, the soap has made you delusional. Lardbarrel?"
"Well, yeah, we do have the same mother. Anyway, don't try this again. Bye, I have a Woodlander village to pillage."
Cluny looked shocked. Then sad. Then angry. He turned to Lardbarrell.
"She's your sister?! And you didn't tell me?! When I finish with you..."
"But your Scourgeness!" Lardbarrell yelped. "I didn't relise it at first.
I haven't seen her in a while; she's been off pillaging, & Pike is a common name..."
"Yeah, how many rats do you know that are named Pike? Ohh, look at her!" Just then, a beautiful rat maiden walked, no glided by.
"Gather the shells & food & follow that rat! She's so pretty. I hope I impress her."
The End?