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August 8th, 2005, 11:14 AM
As we all know Badrang and Clogg hated each other as adults, but why? well lets start at at 5 seasons old and see how they are :D. Note Badrang and Clogg will not talk very good… ;) …. Hope your good at reading messed up word lol

“ I finmished my fort hehe.” giggled a five seasoned old Badrang standing in front of the dining table that now had a blanket over “, I now will wool the fitchen. I am Badrang the fitchen wooler.”
“ *Hic* you Lord ugie face of the fitchen.” chuckled a five seasoned old Clogg as he pulled Badrang’s tail
“ Go put your fiskers in hot wather Clogg.” growled Badrang pulling his tail from Clogg
“ You bether be nice to me Badrang.” said Clogg
“ Grr wecause you hafe to live here wif me.” glared Badrang
“ Are you questuming your mommy’s nice beed.” eyed Clogg
Shocked Badrang hoped his mom wasn’t around to hear their talk “, no no I not questuming my mommy.”
“ Hehe Badrang you gelus wecause I’m going to be the dest pirite efer.” laughed Clogg
“ All your going to be is a big fiece of flupper. Lardface.” sneered Badrang
“ Say that ajain I bare you.” glared Clogg
“ Lardface.”
“ Your going to pay.” yelled Clogg leaping on to Badrang
As they were biting, scratching, hitting, and kicking each other neither one of them noticed to two female stoats stalk towards them. They finally realized that their mom’s shadows were cast over them they stopped fighting.
“ Badrang!” yelled Badrang’s mom
“ Tramun Clogg!” Yelled Clogg’s mom
Both stoats sat up and pointed at each other “, He sharted it!”
Regardless of who ‘sharted’ it both small stoats suffered the same painful punishment of dare any to say, a swift paddle on the behind leaving both younglings to running about rubbing their sore bums. After their bums stopped hurting they went their own ways, Badrang went under his table fort and Clogg went to the kitchen to snag sweets from the where he could reach them.
As Badrang was playing in his fort his eyes were getting droopier and droopier by the minute until finally he curled on the floor and fell asleep. He probably wasn’t asleep for more than a minute when somebeast was tugging on the blanket. Growling he crawled out to see Clogg pulling on the blanket.
“ What do you fink you are doing Clogg?” yelled Badrang
“ I’m going to makie a masf for my woat.” said Clogg
Badrang started tugging on the other side of the blanket saying “, No you pan’t haf it I was woosing it for my fort and peesides its mine.”
Suddenly the blanket ripped into and both stoats fell on the ground.
“ UH OH!” they both cried
“ WHAT DID YOU TWO DO NOW!” Shouted their moms
“ NOFING!” they both yelled
“ We’re going to check and nothing better be what we find!”
“ Furry hide it unfer the table.” said Badrang
They put the pieces of blanket under the table and looked as innocent as possible as their moms walked in.
“ What are you two scallywags hiding?” questioned Clogg’s mom
“ Nofing Misses Clogg’s mommy mam.” said Badrang
“ Badrang move away from the table.” said Badrang’s mom crossly
“ That goes the same for you Clogg.” said Clogg’s mom
The two small stoats shuffled away from the table with their heads bowed. The two stoat moms picked up the ripped pieces of blanket and turned to face the two younglings.
“ How did this happen?” questioned Badrang’s mom
“ Clogg wugged on my bankie when I was woosing it for my fort.” sniffed Badrang
“ No Badrang was wullin on the bankie when I was going to use it for a masf for my woat.” cried Clogg
“ You both tugged on the blanket.” concluded Clogg’s mom
“ Aye.” said both stoats
“ So both of you caused it to rip.” finished Badrang’s mom
“ Aye.” said both stoats bowing their heads even lower
“ Well Marsha what should be their punishment?” asked Clogg’s mom
“Off to bed with no supper. What do you think Claya?” suggested Badrang’s mom, Marsha
“ Good idea. Off to bed you two scallywags and don’t even think of asking for supper.” said Clogg’s mom Claya
Muttering words they hoped their mom’s didn’t here Badrang and Clogg shuffled to their rooms. When they got to the two doors next to each other they stopped.
“ Clogg lets not wight feach ofer amynore.” said Badrang
“ Aye we get wumisht to nuch.” said Clogg
“ Lets messtates.”
“ Aye good meestates.”
They went into their room and slept hungry dreams of food.

Good friends at least for now… Badrang and Clogg at ten seasons old is yet to come.

September 10th, 2005, 03:13 PM
Haha i got this part done finally and almost got me notebook taken away by me science teacher ;) . Expect to see some old horde captains in this one.

Badrang and Clogg at the age of 10 seasons.

"Take that woodland scum!" yelled a taller and well grammered Badrang slashing at invisible woodlanders with a dull kitchen knife Marsha gave him," Ahoy Clogg how's your attacks going matey."
Clogg now more fat and well whose can tell with him, whirled about holding a dull knife too," A score of otters down matey."
" HA! we've got 'em on the run." laughed Badrang chasing after his invisible enemies," Almost got them... Ack!" Badrang triped on a rock and tumbled into a mud puddle.
" Ha Ha! You sure did get them. HEHE what are they mate mud mice.HEHE" laughed Clogg standing over where Badrang had fell
" Shut up Clogg before I hurt you." growled Badrang
" Don't get yer mouth barred at me matey. Just because yer low in the mud and scared of me."
" HA! Me scarred of you huh? You're scarred of me and I bet your scarred to get mud on your claws." sneered Badrang wiping himself off with whatever clean parts of his tunic he could find.
Clogg tackled Badrang and both of them were covered in mud as they wrestled, bit, and scratched each other. The dull knives forgotten about as they fought tooth and claw against each other.
" Oy! What's going on here? Is that two stoats fighting or two bog beasts?" laughed a skinny rat
" HEHA! More like two mud toads." giggled a weasel
Badrang and Clogg stopped fighting when they realised that they were being watched. They stood up ignoring the large amount of mud dripping off of them.
" Who are you?" demanded Badrang
" The name's Hisk." said the weasel
" My name's Gurrad." said the rat
" Well me hearties who do you think is the strongest stoat here?" asked Clogg trying to flex a muscle
Gurrad and Hisk laughed hard," HAHAHA... if your....hehe....fat were muscle it would be you... HAHA!"
Clogg's face was bright red," GRRR. IT IS MUSCLE!"
Gurrad shook his head sadly," Denial it's a sad thing. Sorry Lardface your friend seems to be the strongest."
Clogg stood dumbstruck as Badrang stuck his tongue out saying," I'm the strongest."
" Keep yer tongue in yer mouth before I rips it out." growled Clogg
" You couldn't even rip parchment Cloggo." snickered Badrang
Clogg struggled to come up with an insult as the rat and weasel sniggered," Well...er...well... I'm goin to tell yer mom that you've been mean to me." he finally came up with and he ran towards his and Badrang's home.
" Yeah like she's going to believe a muddy fat stoat like you!" Shouted Badrang after him, then near a whisper," I hope."
Hisk and Gurrad, oblivious to what Badrang had whispered threw their paws aroud his back.
" HOHO! You showed ole Lardface a thing or two mate. Oy going to tell yer mom what a weakling." sniggered Hisk
" Aye. You're sure are a strong one mate. We'll stick with ya no matter what. That's if you don't mind having us as mates." said Gurrad
" I don't mind having friends like ya. Ha ole Clogg will be jealous that's for sure." chuckled Badrang
" Ole Lardface haha he'd be jealous for sure. Just like no one good. Hehe went to tell ya mom about a mud spat what a lil ole sour stoat. We won't ditch ya mate for anything mate." said Hisk
" Bye mater...er... we... uh forgot to do our chores." shouted Gurrad and Hisk running down the beach.
Braving for the worse Badrang slowly entered the house where his mom waited with paws on hips and a glare that bore into him like daggers.
" You are in mighty trouble young stoat." growled Marsha
" But I..." started Badrang.
" No buts. Clogg came in here covered in mud elling me how you pushed him into a puddle and called him names."
Badrang seemed to shrink a bit," That's not true I tripped into the mud and he started laughing, then we started fighting, then this weasel and rat showed up and they didn't like Clogg very much so CLogg was jealous and he started the name calling."
" You liar! Where are these two creatures at now?" asked Marsha suspicously
" Can I go get them?" pleaded Badrang
" Hurry!" snapped Marsha
Badrang raced our of the house and found Gurrad and Hisk walking around Badrang's house. They stopped when they saw him running towards them.
" Ahoy mate you're not in trouble?" smiled Gurrad
" I will be if you don't come with me." said Badrang grabbing their paws and pulling them into his house
Marsha looked surprised when she saw Badrang bringing the two creatures in," So you didn't lie eh? You two rat, weasel, did Clogg start the fighting and name calling?"
" Well actually we started the name calling, but Clogg started the mud fight." said Gurrad
" Did you now?" asked Marsha coldly
" Aye we did. You shoulda seen Badrang and Clogg though. HoHo they were fighting like cats, but Badrang won." said Hisk
" Yeah and when he did Clogg ran to tell ya." said Gurrad
" I bet Badrang coulda defeated a badger the way he fought." praised Hisk
" I'm sure he could," said Marsha kindly," In fact his father once slew a bager."
Badrang's eyes were wider that Hisk's or Gurrad's," Really!"
Marsha nodded," Aye, but then he died from the wounds were the badger struck him."
" Where was he burried?" asked Badrang awestruck
" On a hill in the northern shores. That's where he killed the badger and that's where he died." sniffed Marsha
" I'm going to sail there one day." said Badrang
" And we would go with you mate." said Gurrad and Hisk
Marsha placed her paws back on her hip," Not until your older."
" How older?" came Clogg's voice
" Clogg you better have a reason why you were eavesdropping." growled Badrang
" Huh eavesdropping, yeah right. I was just walking about when I heard ya was goin sailing."
" Figures." muttered Badrang
Marsha shot a dirty look at Badrang while saying," No one is going sailing until their 17 seasons old."
Badrang's mouth was agap and his eyes wide," 17 seasons are ya mad!"
" Yes I am." growled Marsha," Now get going all of you or I'll tan yer hides."
The small group of young vermin dashed outside not daring to look back incase the mad stoat mom was giving chase. Panting heavily they sat down on the beach and laughed.
" Oy yer mum is an evil beast." laughed Hisk
" Hoho I thought we were dead beasts." chuckled Gurrad.
" Aye mates. No one's worse than Badrang's mom." shivered Clogg
" HAHA she's all bark and all bite." laughed Badrang
" I think all four of us should stick togethor and not fight each other." said Hisk
" Aye I'd hate to get ole Lady of Dark Forest angry again." said Gurrad
" Yer right no more fighting." said Badrang
" Aye let's not fight unless we have insulted each other big time." said Clogg

And so the pact had been made or at least for now. Troubles with the teenage Badrang and Clogg to come at the age of 14 season. Till then may no stoat fur fly. ;)