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Ember Nickel
August 28th, 2005, 01:11 PM
Announcer: Hello everyone and welcome to another thrilling round of Family Feud! We’ve got the Trunn-Greeneyes clan squaring off against the Warrior Mice clan.
Verdauga: Hey, wait, another? This is the first one.
Announcer: Well, “another” sounds better. So, let’s get started! The first question is “Who is the most admired female character?” The Trunn-Greeneyes, uh, Trunn-Greeneyeses, er, well…the wildcats will go first.
Gingivere: Ooh! Ooh! Sandingomm!
Sandigomm: Aw…you sweet thing…*nuzzles him*
Squire Julian: And I’m descended from these two? Please!
Announcer: Show me…Sandingomm!
*nothing happens*
Announcer: Aw, too bad. Next try? Ungatt?
Ungatt: Uh…uh…Spider Woman!
Announcer: Is that your final answer?
Tsarmina: Quit mixing catchphrases.
Announcer: Sheesh! Show me…Spider Woman!
Announcer: Last chance for you guys. Verdauga?
Verdauga: Um, the peaceful lady mouse from down south.
Announcer: Show me Abbess Germaine!
Mattimeo: Hey, wait a minute! He didn’t identify Abbess Germaine by name! Cheater!
Matthias: Matti, you’re supposed to have gotten mature by now.
Martin II: Yeah, and besides they didn’t get any points anyhow.
Announcer: So, the warrior mice get a chance to steal.
Matthias: Um, Cornflower?
Cornflower: What?
Matthias: No, I’m guessing.
Cornflower: You are?
Matthias: Well, I was, but then you started distracting me.
Cornflower: I was just answering you!
Announcer: You guys going to guess?
Tim Churchmouse: Laterose of Noonvale.
Announcer: Show me-Laterose of Noonvale
*Rose was occupying the number-one spot. The Warrior Mice get 42 points.*
Tsarmina: What about me?
Martin II: I was gonna guess that otter lady, and she’s a warrior. That close enough for you?
Announcer: Well, Mariel was ranked second. And Triss was close.
All competitors: Who’s Triss?
Announcer: Whoops. Anachronism. I didn’t say that.
Gingivere: Well, you did say that.
Announcer: No I didn’t.
Zigu (out of nowhere): He said “that” when he was saying “Is that your final answer”?
Announcer: Get out of here.
Zigu: *angrily struts off*
Announcer: Next category goes to the Warrior Mice, and it is Birds.
Matthias: Warbeak.
Announcer: Show me…Warbeak!
*12 points*
Tess Churchmouse: That bird who got herself killed trying to save us.
Announcer: Um…that’s Warbeak.
Tess Churchmouse: Okay then, Warbeak.
Tim Churchmouse: *whispers to Mattimeo* Please tell me you didn’t marry my sister for her brains.
Announcer: Uh, what’s protocol here? Anyone?
Voice: I could tell you, but you sent me off the stage.
Announcer: Zigu, I am going to count to 5, and if you’re not gone by the time I reach five, you’re going to die. 1…2…3…
Voice: You missed e.
Announcer: What?
Voice: E. Between two and three. The base of the natural logarithm function, or the limit of the values-
Announcer: GET OUT OF HERE!
Voice: I am out.
Announcer: *charges offstage in a fit of bloodwrath*
Tsarmina: We’re going to steal the points now. I guess Argulor.
Squire Julian Gingivere: I guess Captain Snow.
Cornflower: I guess we won, we have 56 points and they don’t have any.
Verdauga: What kind of a name for a bird is “We won, we have 56 points and they don’t have any.”?
Cornflower: Hey, it’s shorter than Jodd’s.