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September 4th, 2005, 03:53 PM
This is the beginning of a novel im writing, you could discribe it as a fan fic, but I prefer that it be called an orignial novel in the same genrea, with out any further ado,


A lone bedraggled figure, dressed in a tattered black robe and tunic, groaned as He picked himself off the snow-covered ground once again. The moonlight glinted off the rubies embedded in the cross hilt of a battle scared broadsword he carried across his back. In his clouded mind, he felt thankful for the numbness in his limbs, for he was unable to feel the deep jagged wounds he knew to be covering his back and side.
Dizzy with blood loss, he sees a light not too far in the distance. Not sure if it is real or not, but clinging to a sliver of hope, he heads off in its direction.

Two otter scouts stood atop of a snow covered parapet, one pretty young female, her coat glossy in the moonlight, the other, an old male, fur silvery gray, his battle scared paws clutching the side of the outpost’s battlements.
The young maid leaned over and whispered in her companion’s ear, “Sir, wake up, wake, WAKE UP!”
The silver furred otter’s drooping eyelids snapped open, “I was awake, lassie,” said the elder, his voice deep and resonant, “I was jus making sure that you were staying on your paws.”
“Aye, sure, then you must’ve seen the beast down below crawling up to the gates, right?” asked the young maid sarcastically, hands on hips.
“What, er, I mean, sure, of course I did! Just wanted you to prove to me that you saw it.”
Knowing too well not to argue, and trying to hide a smile, she pointed at the dark streak in the snow, showing like a small stream in the moonlight.
“There’s a beast down there, but there ain’t anyway to tell if it’s friend or foe, we’d best post additional guard’s around the wall, and a troop inside the gate sir,” she said.
“ISN’T. The correct way to say it is it’s ‘there isn’t anyway’. You must speak correctly to be taken seriously in this day and time, you may a pretty young maid, but with barrack room manners like that, you won’t get very far. But what you say makes sense, run along and tell young Benedict to round up his scouting guards. He should be asleep in his quarters. Turn him out of bed, pour water on him, just get him up, your in charge Virginia!”
Virginia, who was proud to have reasonability, even what other may see as trivial, was totally bowled over to be given such a command, over even Corporal Benedict, rushed off to do her C.O.’s bidding.
Ever since she had been assigned to his outpost, he had felt a strange connection to the pretty young maid. A small smile played across Major Oakbeam’s lips as he watched Virginia running across the courtyard towards the officer’s quarters, he wished he could see the look on that snobby Corporal Benedict’s face when he was turned out of bed by a beast of lesser rank. “That Virginia has a lively spirit, I’m glad that she is back here instead of on the front lines, service like that can kill a beast’s spirit.” He said to nobody in particular. He uncorked the flask at his side and took a quick swig of the whiskey it contained.
When Virginia reached the door with Corp. Benedict emblazed on it, she hesitated, her paw less than an inch from the door. Remembering what Major Oakbeam had told her, she chided herself for being so hesitant.
She rapped her paw hard on the wooden door in quick succession, but there was no response. Knock! Knock! Bang! Bang! On the last two knocks, she pounded her fist against the door, but there still was no response.
Tired of waiting, she opened the door and walked in with as much dignity that she could muster. “Corporal Benedict, come to attention!!”
Benedict’s eyes snapped open as he sat up indignantly, “How dare you intrude into my quarter’s?”
“Corporal Benedict, Major Oakbeam gave me orders to use any means necessary to get you out of bed and to instruct you to assemble your guards and wait for my command.” Stated Virginia in a matter-a-fact voice.
Benedict shot Virginia a look of venom and retorted in a loud voice, “I don’t take order’s from privates, and--”
Virginia cut him off, speaking in a voice that was almost a shout, “He also said that you are to obey my orders, and to report any disobedience to him.”
This last statement took the air out of Benedict’s sails; grudgingly he walked out of his quarter’s to wake his guards. On his way out the door he walked by Virginia, he bumped into her shoulder.
At first the wall gate creaked open just enough for the inquisitive head of an otter to poke out and look around, seeing the coast was clear, the otter singled for the gate to be thrown open.
There was a dull thud when the door hit the outer wall. Virginia, accompanied by a dozen burly otter guards carrying spears, quickly stepped out towards the figure lying prone in the snow. As Virginia knelt by the cloaked figure, she felt for a pulse, and found it, as faint as it was.
“It’s a squirrel, sir, and his pulse is very weak! Request permission to bring him inside for medical treatment!” She shouted up to where she knew her superior to be standing.
“Leave him,” shouted Benedict. “Can’t you see those wounds are fatal? Leave him there and lets get inside where it’s warm.”
“The last time I checked, I’m the one who is in charge here, Corporal. You are out of line,” chided Oakbeam. “Bring him inside Virginia, and you Benedict, this isn’t the first time you’ve questioned my orders. If you continue, you may very well lose you rank.”

September 4th, 2005, 03:55 PM
“Bring a stretcher and blankets, we’ve got to get this beast inside and warm,” commanded Virginia.
It was no hard task for the strong otter’s to lift the squirrel onto the stretcher, he barely weighed more than the stretcher and blankets put together.
Virginia walked alongside the squirrel as he was being carried in, she never heard the door’s shut and bolted behind her, nor the hails from her friends on the night guard. All of her attention was fixed on the squirrel’s eyes, which had just opened.
“Where am I?” asked the squirrel, his voice, weak but, still some how commanding an air of respect.
“You are in a scouting outpost of the Northern United Territories.” Virginia answered. “What happened to you? Why where you in the forest in this condition?”
“My tribe are-were-nomads. We had made camp in the forest, but a band of vermin attacked us. All but four of us were slain in the first attack. We tried to escape, but one of the four us ratted us out. My bride and best friend were taken captive, but I escaped,” explained the squirrel, “ I heard those ????ed vermin talking about an attack that will target a scouting outpost, they want to break through here where the defenses are at their weakest.”
“What’s your name?” asked Virginia, but she got no answer. He had fallen unconscious again.
“Looks like he passed clean away again,” said a nearby medic. Virginia wasn’t listening.
She turned to him and said, “Get him to the infirmary, I must speak with the Major.”

When Virginia told Major Oakbeam of what she learned from the odd squirrel, he called for an emergency meeting at dawn with his superiors. The meeting was held in a small brightly lit room. On a nice day, shudders are opened on skylights. Light would filter down, being amplified by mirrors craftily installed in the wall so that no matter what position the sun was in that the same amount of light-no matter what time of day- would shine in at night lamps were lit to provide light, still utilizing the mirrors.
Virginia and Oakbeam stood side by side in a large, circular amphitheater in front of the high-ranking officers in the sector.
“Oakbeam, why have you called this meeting?” asked a stern looking otter wearing the bars of a Major.
“Aye,” continued another. “What was so important that you must call us out of bed in the wee hour’s of the morning?”
This statement caused murmuring to break out among those gathered in the hall.
“SILENCE! Let the beast speak without being interrupted!” Shouted the oldest and highest-ranking member of the council, he nodded his head towards Oakbeam to continue.
With silence restored, Oakbeam commenced reciting the events of the previous night. “My troops where taking second watch last night, and the young maid here beside me spotted movement below the wall. She, along with a dozen other guards went down to investigate.” With that, Oakbeam nodded to Virginia to continue.
Feeling slightly nervous, but strangely excited, Virginia took up the tale were her commander left off. “Myself, along with twelve of Corporal Benedict’s guards went outside the walls to check on the poor beast. It was a male squirrel that was badly injured and losing blood-“
“Why the hell did you call us here to tell us about a bloody hurt squirrel?” Interrupted one elder.
The speaker was dealt a sharp blow from the eldest member of the council. “I told you to be quiet once already, now shut up! Please, Private Virginia, continue.”
Slightly ruffled by the interruption, she continued. “Uh, were was I, oh yes, he was injured. As we were taking him to the infirmary, he spoke to me.”
Virginia related the story and warning that was given to her by the odd squirrel. After she had finished, the council was for the first time on record, speechless. After about three minutes, one council member stood up and spoke aloud.
“Why should we heed the word of a nomad squirrel who, for all we know, to could be insane. I see no reason to change our entire guard relocated based solely upon the word of a half dead squirrel. I don’t trust him, until we find out if he speaks truth, I think that we should put him in the brig.”
The eldest member stood, speaking in a calm tone, “We shall put it to a vote, all of those in favor of increasing the guard on the walls here, raise your paw.” No paws were raised. “And agai-“
Everyone turned to see what had made the noise, just in time to see a black furred squirrel crash through the thin wooden door, sword swinging wildly, screaming.
“What is the meaning of this?” Shouted one of the council members. “Only members of the council are allowed in here!”
The squirrel halted his charge in front of Oakbeam and Virginia. Breathing hard, his eyes strangely aglow, he growled out each syllable, “I heard all that has gone on during this meeting, and I don’t give a ???? if you don’t want to take my warning seriously, but like hell am I going to allow you to incarcerate me while my bride is being held captive!”
With that, he raised his sword and advanced upon the council, emphasizing his words by jabbing at the council with the point of his sword.
“Even if you don’t want to take my advice, at least give me a few warriors so that I may rescue my bride and brother!”
"All right! All right," stated the eldest otter, "we will allow ou to ask a few of our warriors to accompany you, but we will not force them to go with you if they do not wish to."
"Sir," said Virginia, stepping forward. "I volunter my self, I wish to help."
"Now wait a minute Virginia," said Oakbeam, "I am your commanding officer, and I don't think that you should be leaveing your post to go searching after two lost squirrels. I feel sorry for them, sure, but I object to you going."
"Sir," stated Virginia flatly, "You cannot prevent me from leaving, I will go and help in the search, even if t means handing in my resignation."
"Excuse me," said the squirrel in a surprisingly calm voice, for his eyes still glowed with a scary red light. "The maid is right, you cannot stop her from going if she wishes to. She will not be gone for more than a season at the most."
Oakbeam nodded and shrugged, "I havn't had too much whiskey to not know when I'm out-numbered. Ok, ye may go Virginia, but be careful."
The squirrel nodded to Virginia, "Lets go, we need a few more volunteers."

September 4th, 2005, 03:57 PM
The squirrel, whose name was Delhome, stood on the snow-covered path in front of the wall gates. Alongside him stood seven strong otters as well as two shrews. The seven otters, which were made up of Virginia, along with six otters from Benedict's guard who were only too glad to get reasigned away from the snobby Corparal. Each otter, since they were the strongest beasts in the party, carried marching packs with the food for the others, they each carried two light sabers' at there side.
The shrews, small as they were, only carried they're bedding. They're weapons of choice, throwing daggers, were worn in criss-cross vests that held around twenty daggers a piece.
As the party started down the path from which the squirrel had came the prevouis night, they turned and waved there good byes to they're family and friends upon the ramparts. They kept waving until they went around a bend in the path and the wall was lost to sight.
"All right yall," said Delhome, "line up, marching form. For'ard, march!"
As the party marched its way down the path, Virginia started up a marching song to keep they're paws in step, it was a big favorite of the border guards so they sung out lustily.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Everytime you trample across my peaceful mind
Flailing freely, want me to let it slide
How you hurt her went so far beyond wrong
I burn you down to cinders, ashes now you’re gone, yeah!

And the scars you left behind
Slowly fade away with time
Ashes of what used to be
Now they tore you onto me

Begging mercy, shifting, playing on both sides
Cut your own throat open and ask me how you died
What was once respect has slowly headed south
Memory forces echoes better in my mouth, yeah!

And the scars you left behind
Slowly fade away with time
Ashes of what used to be
Now they tore you onto me

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Well I have no respect left for what you’re about
And sympathy won’t come from me
Erase everything that you once could have been
Destruction of your dignity
I scatter your ashes into the wind
Regret is too short, now you’re free
Leave here in shame doomed to fulfill
Your pathetic destiny

And the scars you left behind
Slowly fade away with time
Ashes of what used to be
Now they tore you onto me

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
It’s history
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
It’s history*"

As they sang the song for the second time, they rounded a bend in the road and and marched straight into a vermin scouting party. One of the shrews let out a gurgleing scream, clucthing at an arrow that had peirced his throat, he fell, blood spewing from the creature's wound, withen seconds of hitting the ground, he was dead.
"To the dicthes mates, into the dicthes!" Shouted Delhome.
"What do we do Delhome?" Asked Virginia, "They've got long bows, as soon as we raise up to retalilate, we'll get shot!"
Delhome nodded, "True Virginia, very true. As soon as any of you stand to throw a spear, you'll be killed, you stay here, its just a few archers, and they all have they're arrows trained on this dicth, you and the others stay here, I'll deal with the vermin scum myself."
Quick and as quiet as a cloud's shadow, Delhome slipped up out of the dicth and climbed a near by oak, thanking Scathach that the vermin had not seen him. Running through the trees, no beast's arrows could keep up with him even if they had seen him, but on the ground was a diffrent matter, no matter how fast and agail he was, there was no way he could dodge a bolt from a long bow.
Silently, Delhome jumped from the branchs of a tree almost directly behind the vermin archers, he crouched in the bushes, lisenting to the vermin converseing.
"Ha ha, this is like shooting fish in a barral!" Said one rat, laughing to his mate.
"Aye my dear, tis all I can do to keep myself from giggling like a babe," she replied.
"You's to shut your mouths and finish those beast's off, Cap'n wanted us back at camp awhile ago, we're already late as it is. Cap'n wants to get those two squirrels back to the boss A.S.A.P. were still a few miles south of the camp," shouted a weasel with an aire of a pompass command.
Delhome had heard all he needed to, he knew that his bride and brother we're still alive, and that they were still in the forest. He drew his broadsword from its scaberd across his shoulders, licked his blade took a deep breath. Standing up from the bushes, he stepped out onto the path behind the vermin. He raised his blade over his head and charged, shouting his war cry.
The vermin turned around to see the squirrel chargeing with his battle scared blade swinging above his head. The two rats tryed to shoot him with arrows from they're long bows, but even before they could get the arrows onto the strings on they're bows, Delhome was upon them, his blade flashed up and bow, severing not only the long bows, but the two rats heads from there bodies.
"Get that squirrel, mates!" Shouted the weasel, turning his back to Delhome. "Kill him, he's the only one, I want his head!"
Suddenly, the weasel felt a sharp pain in his lower body, looking down, he saw the point of of Delhome's battle blade, sticking clean through his stomach.
Delhome withdrew his blade quickly from the body of the dying beast. Turing, he faced the two remaining vermin, a stoat and a ferret. The stoat turned to flee, but his retreat was quickly halted by a dagger thrown by tear stained face shrew.
The ferret, not knowing that his last remaining comrade had been slain, drew a deadly looking cutless from the sash he wore around his large stomach. Licking the blade meaningly, he circled Delhome.
Suddenly, he charged Delhome, cutless aimed at the squirrel's head. Skillfully Delhome defelted the blow and swung his blade two handed as hard as he could and the ferret's midsection. The ferret was so impressed by the the kilt-wearing squirrel's skill with a blade, that he was literaly beside him self on the blood stained snow.
After dispacting the ferret, he heard a moaning, turned and saw that the weasel was still alive. Walking over to the weasel, Delhome spat onto the creature's body contimpusly. Laughing scornfully, he spoke to the dying creature.
"You made the biggest and worst decesion of your life, scum, you turned your back upon me. You won't live to repeat the mistake." And with that, the squirrel drove his sword through the weasel's upper chest, slaying the beast instantly.
Virginia emerged from the dicth, horror struck by what she had just witnessed. She and all the beasts save for the shrew who's name was Zia, gazed in terror at the squirrel, for they had watched the entire scean unfold.
"How could you do that?" Virginia asked, moritfied.
"Do what?" Delhome answered.
"Slay a beast in coldblood like that?" She replyed.
At this, Zia steps forward and speaks for the first time since the battle had begun. "You wanna know how? because he's a warrior, and a bloody well good one at that. Listen missie, do you not think that that weasel wouldnt've done the exact same thing to you if he had had a chance. Those scum killed my brother, as far as Im concerned, he got what he diserved."
"Stop this fighting, Zia is correct VIrginia." Said Delhome, "now it's time to be on the march again, we are only a few miles from the vermin's camp, lets go!"
And with that, the troup reformed and marched on up the path"

End of Part 1
*I did not write any part of this song, I am not saying I did, please dont sue me.

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Very Good Job I cant wait AN till Part Two Is Done

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thank you, prt 2 is in the works, but, im haveing to work around home work and chores, so, it might take a while, but, thanks.

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NP.I am thinking About starting A story my self about A squirrel Named Elmbranch He is A warrior from the north it will take awhile but when im dont il post in the FF forum

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awsome, would you like me to post it on the web when its done? I'm starting a webpage for RWish storys about squirrels.

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Sure but it most likley Whont be done for A month or so Im just starting to work on it Im not sure if I am going to use things like redwall ana Salamandastron or Start something new kinda like yours

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Bump, sorry, havn't had much time to write lately with all the senior ???? going on in school. I will be starting again soon.

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