View Full Version : Urran the non-Warrior (MtW spoiler)

Ember Nickel
October 4th, 2005, 06:21 PM
I'd really like to see another sequel to it, so we can see what happens to some of the characters later in life. That would be great.
Brome: Hey everybody I'm home!
Aryah: Long battle, eh?
Brome: No, actually I was hanging out with a mole who lived in a tree.
Aryah: What was a mole doing in a tree?
Polleekin: Ho urr, oi do be dispellin' sterotypers bout us molers. Steryotipes be no good, urr aye.
Urran: Hey, how could she hear that?
Polleekin: Oi do be havin viszheens.
Urran: Okay. Where's Rose?
Brome: Oh, she died.
Aryah: Where's Martin?
Brome: Uh...south of here.
Urran: Is he still alive?
Brome: Yeah, why?
Urran (bloodwrathily): HE SAID HE'D PROTECT HER! I'M GOING TO GET HIM!!
Aryah: Urran, honey, you're a peaceful patriarch.
Urran (normally): Dang, you're right.

Oh, you meant something serious?