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October 16th, 2005, 03:18 PM
Hey just wanted to post what I got so far for my Story.

The story of Elmbranch they squirrel

It was A dark Snowy night they squirrel trodded on Towards the fire Closer closer there he was not more than 20 paw lengths away He was standing beside A tree They vermin at they fire couldn’t see him he Loosened his dirk in its sheath and got ready to move in.

At the fire there sat Two weasels and A fox It was clear who was the leader of the little Gang the fox had an air of authority and commandership around him he was Quite big for A fox Probably A head higher than most foxes the squirrel had seen but Foxes and weasels didn’t scare him he was hungry Cold and tired.

The weasel was surprised all of A sudden there was A squirrel there beside him quite flabbergasted the weasel yelled and started to raise and reach for his spear but the squirrel stabbed him with his dirk than pulled out his Claymore and ran the second weasel thru that was running towards him with A spear held up the squirrel ducked just in time before the weasel fell it had launched the spear and sent it flying thru the body of the fox The squirrel then Dragged the bodies out and covered them with snow wiped off his hands and when to see what the Vermin had to eat.

While tell me what you think.

October 16th, 2005, 03:24 PM
Oh yes and this is my first try at A FF so dont be too hard on me :) .

P.S. oh yes and please put any comments in the comments forume

October 17th, 2005, 10:33 AM
Alright heres the second part please tell me what you think so I can make changes I havent came up with A name for the hare yet so thats why its kinda weird in that one part but this is just A rough Draft :D

After eating a supper of Fish Scones and fresh stream water he lay down to sleep.
When he awoke he found the fire burned down to embers after eating the last of the scones the Weasels/fox had he set off towards the east. At midday he stopped for a rest not long after he heard some beast walking along the path towards him

Appearing from beyond the bend in the path A Rather Large hare Dressed in A simply Tunic and some light Javelins across his back and a Haversacks full of food. The hare stopped short upon seeing the Squirrel he fell then jumped up as fast as he could and said I say old Squirrelthingamajig where’d you come from Wot!!! I say bad form wot sitting in the middle of the path like that Wot!! What’s your name Sah speak up now’ the squirrel who had jumped up calmly replied my name be Elmbranch who be you? I sah the hare said I
‘I say old chap you look A bit famished wot why not sit down and have a bit of tuck wot wot ‘the two sat down and ate Elmbranch couldn’t believe how much food the hare ate he was just glad he had A big haversack So the hare said after finishing his lunch where you heading my squirrelchappy wot wot? I be heading towards the east replied Elmmbranch No place in particular just head east where ye heading? Bit of luck wot wot I am heading towards the east also To A place called salamandastron Great Mountain Volcano thingamajig place of Great Badger lords and the fighting hares of the Long patrol I am aiming to go there and become one me self want to travel along with me looks like you’re a bit short on rashes wot ‘it would be and honor to travel with A great fighting Hare Elmbranch said’ alright then old chappy on your paws then how about you carry the haversack for A bit wot?? So they where on there way A hare and A squirrel.

October 20th, 2005, 06:20 PM
Well heres some more I need to finnsh editing this part and then il post what I got so far with propper grammer :D

Along up the path A little band of Vermin where camped an odd assortment of A weasel two stoats and a rat the weasel. Mamepaw you and your brother go scavenging for some food Mamepaw why do we have to git the food huh why doesn’t s Scraggle help???
Because you idiot I told you too now git going Idiot the two stoats fled. It was easy to see that weasel was the leader of this little band of roving vermin scraggle you better go with those bumbling buffoons Scraggle sure chief.

Emlbranch and Dingy where walking along the path when all of A sudden Elmbranch stopped and said quiet I think I hear something… Stay hear ill be right back and he sped up A tree hmm confound ole squirrel thingamajig going off like that hmm where is he all of a sudden there he was right beside the him Dingy was startled but tried not to show it hmm so old laddy what’d yah find wot wot shush there be Vermin close by then the hare could her it Something Bumbling along in the trees I say old chap can you use then Blades aye I can’ can you use then Javelins humph of course I can ever heard of A hare who couldn’t Wield I Javelin? All right here they come im gonna go up that tree you stay here All right old lad I stay here and fight the dirty blighters and you go climbing Blinking trees wot wot then there they where two stoats and A rat they didn’t notice the hare at first as they where looking around then they saw him hey A big rabbit yelled Mamepaw I say you Weasel thinymagummy Steady on the name calling wot im not A blinking rabbit im A hare doncha know They charged him and he laid the first one down with the butt of his Javelin and was getting ready to lay about on the second stoat when it all of A sudden Dropped dead wit A dirk transfixed in its throat so he threw his Javelin threw the rats Throat before it had A chance to run A way then Elmbranch Dropped beside him I say old chap where’ve you been? I found there camp there be only one left A big Weasel but he will be easy to take of Lets go. So they headed off the northeast to take care of that weasel.

Shorttail was sitting against a tree when he thought he heard something Hey you idiots hurry up with the food. I say old chap chiefthingamagummy Hold on with the name calling wot Shorttail was startled when A hare came walking out of the trees I say old weasel thingamagummy nice day wot?? Shorttail well well what have we here A nice big rabbit I say old chap steady on the blinking Name calling wot wot Shorttail rose and grabbed his cutlets and started walking towards the hare when all of A sudden there was A squirrel there beside him I say old Chap leave this weasel to me wot wot ok Dingy ye can have this one. Alright old weasel chap lets see what your made of wot Dingy then Pulled out one of his Javelins and Charged the weasel The weasel who was no slouch of I fighter Dodged to the side and brought his cutlets down hard but just missed Dingy who had stopped short upon seeing the weasel Move brought his javelin over and caught the weasel on the side of his jaw and laid him down for good. I say old chap where to now? We better be getting back on the Path eading east. I aright then but perhaps we should stop for A bit of tuck before to long wot.

Hope you like it :)