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October 19th, 2005, 07:57 AM

This is a tale about the Season of The Revolution and how the animals of Redwall and Mossflower had to fight a Fox and his horde. This is a time when cannons had just been introduced to us by the long patrol who now carried Black Powder Rifles.

Chapter 1 The beginning of the end.

A young otter was out in Mossflower with his brothers and sisters even the Skipper was out with them. As they began to hide they heard leaves crunching in the bushes behind them. " Saxon you must take your brothers and sisters to Redwall. I smell vermin." Skipper said.
Saxon and his family began running he looked back to watch a fox jump out of the bushes slashing at Skipper with his sabre. Skipper ducked and tripped the fox. As the fox fell Skipper pulled the Tomahawk off of his belt and threw it at the fox. " FIRE!" The fox shouted at the top of his lungs as he smacked the Tomahawk away from him with his sabre.
Then one hundred vermin jumped out of the bushes wielding Black Powder Rifles. They fired at Skipper and connected. Balls all went right through his chest. He looked down and saw the blood coming out of his chest.
" MOSSFLOWERRRRRRRRRRRRR!" He shouted his last words as the fox jumped at him and beheaded Skipper.
More to come.

October 19th, 2005, 08:53 PM
Chapter 2 Darkscar.

The fox had black fur and had a cut across his face that he had gotten from the badger lord of Salamdastron. It was Igor the Hammer who had a sharp edge at the end of his giant war hammer. His name was Darkscar. He was the most feared horde leader in all the lands. " Sir where are we going to attack?" A ferret asked.
" We will take over these woods and maybe that famous Redwall abbey." Darkscar replied.
Saxon and his family were sprinting all the way to Redwall. " Saxon where we goin Saxon?" Asked one of his little brothers.
The rest of the Mossflower holt was also coming. " So Saxon you mean that Skipper is dead?" Saxon's father asked.
" Yes father." Saxon replied.
Darkscar sat on one of the horde's cannons. " You go get the other two hundred vermin!" Darkscar shouted to his hundred vermin.
Saxon and the others had finally made it to Redwall. " LET US IN! VERMIN ARE AMONG US!" They shouted at the top of there lungs. The Redwallers opened the gates and the bells began tolling and the drum beating.
Darkscar and his vermin heard the noise. " Follow the noise!" Darkscar shouted while unsheathing his sabre.
As the vermin marched through the woods they heard a soft cry like
this, " Logalogalogalog!"
Then the arrows flew through the trees.
More to come.

October 23rd, 2005, 11:25 AM
Chapter 3 The battle in the dark forest.

The arrows pireced the side of Darkscar who howled in anger. " COME OUT YE SCUM AND FIGHT!" Darkscar shouted as he pulled the arrow out of his side.
Then a group of twenty shrews jumped from above the trees onto the vermin.
The gun shots soon had those shrews dead and the others scarred. " What little cowards. Come out little mouseys! Come come! Meet your death." Darkscar said as he unsheathed his sabre.
As they marched on through the woods the front marchers were suddenly trapped in a net. " HELP!" They all shouted in fear.
Then arrows went flying and killed the small group of vermin captured.
" Watch your steps mates they have traps ready." Darkscar said in anger.
As they marched on nothing else happened. " One trap. One trap. Ha those little mice are so stupid." One of the ferrets said to one of his friends.
Then that group of friends fell in a pit filled with sharp spears.
" Stick toghether you scum!" Darkscar shouted in anger.
" Sir were almost out of these dark woods!" A rat shouted and began running ahead.
So did the rest of the vermin when they tripped over a wire that set out a volley of spears.
" You fools! Charge the bushes they must be near!" Darkscar laughed as he charged the bushes.
He killed the few shrews hiding in the bushes. " Ha now that's all they had!" Darkscar shouted.
His forces regrouped and began celebrating when they heard a shout,
" LOGALOGALOGALOG!" The shrews on the hill above them shouted as they began charging.
The vermin fired there rifles and took out many of the shrews. " FIRE THE CANNONS!" Darkscar shouted as he fired his rifle and hit a shrew.
Logalog Maxios was leading the charge with his sword out but then the cannon fired. BAM! Logalog Maxios watched as fifty of his shrews flew in the air. " LOGALOG!" He shouted as he threw a spear at the vermin.
He watched his brother fall from one of the rifles fire. Logalog Maxios slashed down all of the vermin in the front line.
" LOGALOGALOGALOGALOGALOGALOG!" He shouted as he killed the vermin.
Then he felt it a pellet that came whizzing by him that grazed his side and then went through the chest of his son.
Then he saw it the face of fear. The fox looked at him with a evil smile.
" Welcome to death." Darkscar said as he swung his sabre at the shrew.
Logalog Maxios blocked the strike and headbutted the fox in the gut.
" LOGALOGALOGALOGALOGALOGALOGALOGALOGALOGALOGALOGALO GALOG!" He shouted as he began slashing furiously at the fox.
But before Logalog Maxios could kill the fox the butt of a rifle hit the back of his head and knocked him out.
More to come.