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January 11th, 2006, 12:45 PM
OK here is the new version of my earlier story the assassination.

I have rewrote it and changes the name to the Assassin I hope you enjoy and please give feedback both negative and positive.

The Assassin

Ingwë. Was getting ready he had a job to do and he planned on doing it


He was lathering a handful of horrible smelling cream on his body so that the orcs

wouldn’t be able to smell him so easily when he snuck in to there camp to do his job.

After he put the cream all over his body he put totally black clothing on so that in the

darkness of the orc camp he would not be easily seen and the cream would take care of

being easily smelled.

After belting on his poisoned dagger and bow he went to the stables he get his horse.

“Whoa boy steady now” He said to his horse he was clearly frightened by the smell.

“ It is ok it’s just me steady now your alright” He said as he fed him a bit of grain out of

his clean hand.

“All right boy let’s go get this done” He said as he swung up on his back.

He was riding bareback to keep down and sound and so he could ride faster.

With in a half an hour he was within a mile of the orc camp.

“ Al right boy you stay here and keep quiet I am going in will be back soon.”

He made his was slowly and quietly towards the orc camp an tell he could see the orcs

around there fires plainly.

“ Ah mate here comes the hard part” He said to him self as he made his way in to the


After being around humans all his life being around these strange creatures was quite

strange the way they talked acted smelled. It was all quite different to him but he wasn’t

here to take in the sites he had a job to do.
He needed to find the orc captain Karnic all he knew about him was he was a giant of a

Orc he carried a large scythe made for war it was not like normal scythes that farmers

Would use in his fields this scythe was huge and made to kill.

He would more than likely find him in the middle of the camp either making plans with

Officers. Or sleeping.

He made his way deeper in to the camp seeing more and more orcs each step.

“ Ah how many orcs are there in here?” He said he him self as he kept going forwards.

At one point he came across two orcs fighting to the death when the bigger of the two

orcs got ran thru for his clumsiness the other orc started eating him.

Soon after he found Karnic he was sitting against a large boulder talking to his officers

telling them the plans for the following days attack on Minas Tirith.

Ingwë. Listened closely they where speaking in orc but he could understand enough of

what they where saying to so that he could still report it “this might earn me come extra

coins” He said him self as he listened closely..

He sat in the shadows of the boulder listening and waiting.

Half an hour later the officers left and Karnic laid down for some sleep.

Ten minutes later Ingwë started moving in closer.

He quietly made his way an tell he was right beside Karnic he then slowly drew his

dagger out of it’s sheath.

But then Karnic woke up but Ingwë was to fast he drove the dagger in to the side of

Karnics neck he took a last gurgled breath and fell.

Ingwë pulled the dagger out quickly and wiped it off.

“ Alright mate spent too much time here better get a move on’

He said to him self as he quickly but silently made his way out of the camp.

As he was almost out an orc stepped in front of him.

Ingwë pulled his dagger out for a kill but the little orc was to fast to took off running

Spreading the alarm.

“ Better get a move on now “ He said to himself.

He took off running as fast as he could towards his horse.

If he could just reach his horse he would be able to out run them no problem.

But alas he was running for no reason for when he orc took off running and yelling

He tripped and killed himself on his own sword.

As Ingwë neared his horse he heard voices

“ARG “ He said to him self how many are there here?

He slowed down to a walk and stopped to regain his breath before facing the orcs.

He could hear them saying something but couldn’t under stand what they where saying.

He soon figured out there where only two.

He notched an arrow to his bow and started forward.

He stepped in to the small clearing where his horse was tied put his bow up and shot one

of the orcs threw the chest then started notching another arrow but soon found it was too

late he dropped his bow and barely had enough time to draw his dagger before the orc

was on him. Ingwë tried desperately to stab the orc but couldn’t.

Lucky for him all the orc had was a sword and he couldn’t use it in such close combat.

Finally he had his chance he raised he dagger and stabbed once twice there he rolled the

Body off of him and jumped on his horse and started on a gallop towards Minas Tirith

afraid the orcs where on his tail.

Tell me what you think.