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April 25th, 2007, 02:36 PM

There were once two villages. One named the Tangers and the other one called the Langis. Both of them used to be one until a problem came up between the two. No one knew how small things called pride and stubbornness could break a village in half but then even after that, they always feuded and called wars on each other. Rules were made that the two villages were not allow to communicate unless there was a war going on, but still then, there should be the least amount of contact between them. There was also a rule that a maid from one village and a male from the other village were not allowed to have any contact or anything like that whatsoever. Things were said that if there was such a situation, both would be brutally punished as if they had committed the worse crime that could possibly happen. The creatures in the village had avoided having “half-breeds” as so they would call it. Each village, whether it was the Tangers or the Langis, thought that they were much better or superior than the other.
In each of these villages, they had their own rulers and their own armies. They had purposely changed their clothing and customs. For the Tangers, they were more conservative, in other words, they didn’t like skimpy clothing or anything that showed a lot of their bodies, mainly the maids. The Langis, however, were freer with the clothes that they wore. They showed more of their bodies but not too much since there were protective elders for the maids. The males in both villages wore simple clothes but the designs and colors were different. The Tangers most commonly wore blue, white, or gray colors. The Langis wore black, green, brown, or turquoise colors. The armies had their own uniforms that just by looking at them; you can tell who’s a Tanger or a Langi. The Langis had a monarchy ruling while the Tangers had a democracy kind of system.
Before all this had happened, all those wars, those prideful, egotistic feelings had taken over them; they used to be one huge village that was known as Sunvale. There was a time that they used to all get along and used to have one system, culture, and customs but all of that had disappeared. Taken over by foolishness and stubbornness, they had separated and became bitter towards one another. They didn’t think twice before making such a decision and they having been ordinary creatures all living together. Mice, squirrels, hedgehogs, shrews and moles all broke off from one another, separating creatures from the same species and ruining a lot of relationships. Friends got separated by their beliefs and their own thoughts. All of this had happen and no one had thought of stopping all of this from happening. Why? You ask? Well some were too afraid but most of them were happy to separate from the others that they had learned to hate each other.
Will it ever change? No one really knew for sure. There were many of their creatures were dying for nothing, for foolish wars that had no meaning. There were many praying and hoping that their situation would change, that one of the villages would surrender but that was not the case. It kept going on and going and is still going on. And to think that two young creatures, both with their own share of problems, would overlook all of this war and insult between Tangers and Langis just to be together. Just to love each other and just too even see each other. Their story is an odd one. After going through things worse than hell, they finally get the happiness that they had deserved but only after a bitter general in the Langi Army, who could ruin anyone’s life just to get his happiness and his way, would be overthrown and destroyed…