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Roma Sae Eiden
July 26th, 2007, 10:15 PM


Vaneeya the Different.

I am Vaneeya, a mouse raised in the care of traitor foxes. I am one of them; I always have been. These foxes are the only family I have ever known. I have never questioned where our leaders get their supplies, their treasures. I know it is from creatures like me…

…woodlanders. Why am I not one of them? What did my family owe to these wicked creatures? Who am I to call them such?

I am just as bad as they.

I have killed many, I have done things I shouldn’t have done. I have made many mistakes. I have taken blade to innocent woodlanders and have taken their lives…only because I wanted to be one of them. One of these foxes. I never will be—never. Not with my round ears and slim tail—I am short and not tall; I am not sly.

But I am smart.

Smart enough to know that I do not belong here. But if I didn’t belong here I belong nowhere. I have no home if not for this place. So I call it home. These foxes are my home. My family.

I was raised from infancy by an old healer fox named Mali. She was very old even when I was very young. She was exceedingly quiet and rarely spoke to anyone. She told me a few things, though. Mostly unimportant ramblings except for one: “Your mother wanted your name to be Vaneeya, said it was something to do with destiny or such. I have thrown the stones and have seen nothing important with it. Your name was a scam…worthless. You might as well change it, Vaneeya.”

I didn’t. I may have never met my mother but I know that if she were alive I might have turned out half decent. Half right. Half normal. I might have been good. I can’t blame her…Mali said she died giving me life.

It was my fault. I had killed before I even drew breath. I was born to be a killer…starting with my poor mother.

I am different. I am unwanted. So I fight with a group of foxes trying to find riches in this world. Riches to fill the empty holes in my soul.

I have been told that we are to pack up camp later this week and travel to a place called Redwall. Mali’s son, and the one I consider my brother, Kefgahn, is our ruler. We will follow him through anything. His mother is a seer as well as a healer and with her we cannot go wrong.

They say this place has never fallen—I say it’s time for history to change. The great stone fortress with all its wealth! Other foxes have entered…so shall we. And with our power none shall live.

Ahhh…riches! Gold…silver…gems of all kinds! I would fight for these…but why fight? There are other ways to get these…you see?

Poison. The fox’s main source of power. Poison, the weapon that can kill any without using any vital energy. I carry a small vial around my neck that carries poison in it. It was my mothers. It is oval, made with a black metal and encrusted with one stone, an emerald, my birthstone. It is precious to me. Mali said my mother carried something called perfume in it; she also said it would be a disgrace to find a fox wearing one so I shouldn’t. One day, though, Mali filled it with the oil of a foxglove and told me it was only to kill others with. I have never touched it, personally, as I have no wish to die. I did, however, kill a fox playmate named Selldig when I was younger so I could get his earring. He should have listened to me.

He didn’t and he’s gone.

I am Vaneeya. I am a mouse with pierced ears and many deaths behind me. I am Vaneeya, a worthless female with tattoos and painted claws. I am Vaneeya, I wear not the clothes of maid but those of a male. I am Vaneeya, and I am a disgrace.

I am Vaneeya, and I am as strong as any warrior.

October 29th, 2007, 12:02 PM

Gorath the Flame
October 29th, 2007, 02:23 PM
That would make a very interesting story!:D Do you plan to continue it?