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November 8th, 2007, 10:16 AM
Reporter:Hello, I'm here at Redwall abbey in mossflower to ask the beasts here about their experience in Mossflower!

(Walks over to the abbey orchard)
Reporter:Oh, Constance wait! Can we interview you?
Constance:Of course, but not right now. Those little trouble making otters are at it again!
Reporter:Go get 'em constance old gel'!
(walks to abbey pond)
Reporter:OH father habit! I mean abbot, are you well?
Abbot mortimer:Oh of course. Um who are you? Whats that thing? Why is it pointed at me?
Reporter:this is a camera, dont worry it wont bite you.
Abbot mortimer:Oh good! I was afraid it was like that adder asmodeous! Its eye hypnotizes me...
Reporter:Father? Father? Father!!
Abbot mortimer:Oh oh yes I forgot, sorry I lost myself.
Reporter:So abbot, were you mad that when Brian Jacques made the story, he made you die?
Abbot motimer:Why of course I wasnt! I think I died very nobaly, and in the show I think I did a very convincing profformence!
Reporter:Ehem yes.
Abbot mortimer:Oh theres young matthius and Cornflower!
(Abbot jumps in pond)
Reporter:Father? Father? Where'd he go?

Part 2 of interview coming soon.
I wanted to see how it would run, so comments plz.

Gorath the Flame
November 8th, 2007, 08:34 PM
I laughed, I didn't cry, and I laughed some more.:lol:

November 8th, 2007, 09:04 PM
Reporter:Where is everyone? Oh look matthius!
(runs over to matthius, who's practicing with martins sword)
Reporter:Hello there!
(Matthius freezes)
(starts walking away)
Reporter:Oh by the fur! run!!!
Mattius: Redwaaaaaaal!!!!!
Reporter:Oh my fur! Were being chased by a maniac in a habit!
Shrew:*speaking russian* afhkasdfjaslkfkdaslfk
Reporter:Excuse me sir?
(more shrews surround the reporter)
*Shews chanting*:aaghasdkljas;dglkasgl;kjasdd
Reporter:ummm okay...
Reporter: Run for your life!!!!
(running from mad shrews)
Reporter: This is the worst day ev--
(Falls into a large tunnel)
Reporter:Blasted! Its really dark in here!
(pulls out candle)
Reporter:This is better!
(notices theirs explosives for mining all around him.
Reporter:Oh man!
Dibbuns:Ooooh, aaaahhh oooh! Pretty!
muscular searats:Oooooh aaahhhh ooooh! Pretty!

(Walking outside abbey)
Reporter:Gah, this is a horrible day for me...
Reporter:what the??
???:sssss come with asmodeous....
Reporter:Oh come on!!!!
Asmodeous:Yesss come on, with asmodeous!
Reporter:You know what! hit me!!!
(starts beating up asmodeous with the camera)
Reporter:Good night folks!

I laughed, I didn't cry, and I laughed some more.:lol:

Thanks I think the abbot made a smart move with that pond thing ;)