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November 3rd, 2002, 10:26 PM
Okay, I was going to tape a show and I flipped the channel onto three. There was a strange show I never saw before. It reminded me of the Rats of NIMH Series. Anyway, I wasn't sure whether to record it because it was wierd when a badger (whom I soon found out was Orlando) got into a rage and screamed "I'll follow you to the end of your days, Slagar!" Then it went to a castle (abbey) where two mice (one was a rat of course) were fighting. I then pressed the record button. I watched it and I was hooked. I watched it at the same time every night. I soon found out it was a book series and went out and bought "Redwall". I actually was going to buy "Mattimeo" because that was the one I had watched but I bought "Redwall" because that was first. I soon was hooked on the books too. And here I am, a Redwall Fan.

Russus Robur
November 11th, 2002, 08:18 PM
Have only a few minutes left but I just found out that the PBS station here in central Ohio will start showing MTW around the first of the year. I can not wait.

November 12th, 2002, 07:02 AM
I dsicovered the TV series because of this place! Even if it didnt even play on my TV.... I don't have cable.... Neither Satelite Dish... :(

Cornflower, did you find out about redwall because of the TV series?

November 12th, 2002, 01:12 PM
I did. :)

November 12th, 2002, 03:38 PM
The TV series was actually the first I saw of Redwall as well, though I didn't realise it! It was quite a while ago... I think I was probably about 11. I had a sleepover with my friends in the basement, and, as usual, was the first to wake up in the morning. I turned on the TV and Redwall was on, though it was half way through the episode. I watched it for a while, and thought it was pretty weird. It wasn't until almost a year later that I started reading the books... In chronological order. Silly Airemia. :rolleyes:

Lord Servone
November 12th, 2002, 04:26 PM
I found out about Redwall through the show too... two summers ago, I saw it on PBS, turned it off the first time, then saw Mattimeo a bit later, began watching it, then found out it was a book series...and so forth from that ;P..

November 13th, 2002, 04:17 PM
Me too! Me too! Half the reason I watched it way back when was because there were rats. Teehee.
Eventually Vanessa the Genius realizes that the show happens to be based on a book/s, and she waltzes off to the book store to buy Redwall.
The End

*sniffle* Happy endings make me cry:rolleyes:

November 14th, 2002, 08:16 PM
I read the books in cronolgiacal order all thanks to Sarkin. He got me started out on the seires. He owned Brocktree and Mariel at the time and he gave me Brocktree cause "it would be good to read them in order". Thanks Sarkin. Ya' big dope.:D

November 17th, 2002, 07:20 PM
I read them really out of order, both chronological and publication date, though the order is a bit closer to chronological I think.... *feels special*

Anyway, I'm not really sure whether it was the TV show or the book that got me interested in Redwall....

So here's my whole story (in more detail than I told it before since I thought it out more ;b)

I take Redwall out from the library as a book to read in Australia.
I see a WLIW "advertisement" for the Redwall TV show, but thought they were showing the whole book.
I decide to watch it, though of course, I forget.
I manage to see the last 5 minutes or something by chance and thought it was interesting, and though I wondered what happened next.
I go to Australia.
I read Redwall because I wonder what happened after the episode.
I find out that I don't read anything very close to the episode (not that spice-selling dormouse eppie though).
I reread Redwall like a thousand times in Australia instead of reading my Summer Reading Book.
I go home.
I take out lots and lots of Redwall books from the library and tries to take out less so I won't look so weird taking like 10 hardcover books out.
I read the books, a bit too quickly, so I force myself to "save" them a bit so they would last the rest of the summer.
I still end up reading all of the available books before the end of the summer.
I start to reread books from Redwall.
School starts.
Taggerung comes out and I read it.

And that's as far as I'm going. :)

November 18th, 2002, 07:52 PM
Yhea... the first redwall episode I saw was the one with the spice dealer.... didn't like it at all, but MTW is better... even if I only saw it once :(

November 18th, 2002, 08:16 PM
Here's Airemia's Redwallish timeline:

Sometime in Grade 6: Airemia catches the last few minutes of a Redwall episode on TV. Thinks it's weird. Forgets about it.

Summer after Grade 6: Whilst stuck out in the middle of nowhere, in an ultra-tiny cottage, in an obscure location in the mountainish hill thingies on the border of Ontario and Quebec for two weeks, Airemia grows desperate for something to read. Airemia reads the book that her sister brought, which happens to be Martin the Warrior. When Airemia finally gets back to civilisation, she reads the other Redwall book her sister has, which is Mossflower.

Beginning of Grade 7: Airemia's sister decides to be nice and buy (with her mother's money) Outcast of Redwall, for Airemia to read. Airemia reads it. Then, for some reason, reads a bunch of other stuff for the rest of the year.

Summer after Grade 7: Airemia reads the entire Redwall series, in chronological order, until she gets to Legend of Luke.

Beginning of Grade 8: Airemia reads Lord Brocktree and The Taggerung.

Beginning of Grade 9(curse high school!): Airemia reads Triss.

Yay! :D :cool:

November 21st, 2002, 04:17 PM
Great, here's my timeline.

Sometime in grade six: Vanessa sees pilot episodes for Redwall on Teletoon. She thinks it is extremely cool, mostly because of the rats (mice? what mice?)

Early grade 7: Develops obsession with Redwall. Unfortunately, I get obsessed with something else.

Early grade 8: I see an advertisement for Mattimeo. I experience a heart attack. The whole way through grade 8 I buy all the books I can, plus the Friend and Foe.

After that, it's history. I've bought a bunch of stuff (though not as much as some, apparently) and found any number of Redwally websites. I'm in grade 10 now. Since grade 8 up till now, it's been a little more than two years.

December 1st, 2002, 09:40 AM
I've only known about redwall for only a year but it was the tv series that i first saw.

My little sisters who were 5 and 8 were watching pbs kids and i sat down with them and the show was like half way in. I seen this mouse in green clothes and this crazy rat. It kinda reminded me of Rats of NIMH Series like cornflower said. Curious i started watching it every day, when i noticed one day strolling across my schools libary ( i was in 8th grade i do recall) and i saw a book called "redwall" curious i checked it out. I loved it from the start, i just couldn't put it down. The next day i checked out mattimeo (eeeeek i probably spelled that wrong) and it was a instant sucess. Then school work clogged me up till the end of the year. I was about to check out a book called "Martin the Warrior" because it intriqued me because he was talked about so much in the tv series (i did not know the timeline for the books then) but it was too late in the year to check out any of the books. They had every book of the redwall series there except lord brocktree and triss! Oh i wish i was still in middle school. For my birthday i got "Redwall, Mattimeo, Mossflower" , i continued saving up my money so i bought with my hard earned money "Mariel of Redwall, Salmadastron, Martin The Warrior, and Outcast of Redwall" by then i had seen martin the warrior on tv. Months later here i am trying to save up enough money to buy the 7 other books in the redwall series that i still haven't read. *sniff*

Angie Manystreak
March 15th, 2003, 06:50 PM
Pretty much the same way...I saw the TV show on, thought it was weird, then got into it. Then I found out it was actually a book series and when i went to the library saw them, took out Martin the Warrior, and from then I've been a fan!


March 16th, 2003, 02:35 PM
RWTV naysayers bite on that! The TV show does introduce people to the books. Actually, more like a coincidence for all I know, I became obsessed about the same time as Airemia. Twiiiins....

March 16th, 2003, 05:39 PM
tis my timeline of redwall

7th Grade - beezl sees a redwall episode half way through and thinks it is pretty cool

7th Gade {summer}: beelz starts actually watching redwall everyday and then finds out that its actually a book series

8th Grade: checks out redwall and loves it and then right after decides to tackle mattimeo and thinks its even better. She decides to read martin the warrior since cauz everyone talks about him on the tv show but unfortunately the year slips by and doesn't get to check it out

8th Grade {summer}: gets redwall, mattimeo, and mossflower for her b-day :)

- buys with babysiting money - "mariel of redwall, salmadastron, martin the warrior" by then she had seen mtw

- somewhile later she buys "The Bell Maker and the Outcast of Redwall" again with babysiting money

9th Grade {winter}: gets "Pearls of Lutra, The Long Patrol, Marlfox, The Legend of Luke, Lord Brocktree" for christmas

9th Grade {current}: awaiting her birthday to get "Taggerung and Triss"

March 20th, 2003, 11:39 AM
Hardcover or not with those books, Beezl.

Nora the Rover
March 20th, 2003, 05:31 PM
It seems like alot of people started reading Redwall in seventh grade. I did, as well, but it didn't start with the T.V. show.
One of my friends recommended the books to me before the T.V. show was even released, and I soon became obsessed with them. Later, when I found out Redwall had become a T.V. show, I was enthralled. At first, I liked the show, but after awhile, I got somewhat tired of it. I've always thought the books were better.

Nora the Rover
March 20th, 2003, 05:42 PM
Perhaps I'll make a timeline to explain it a little better:

6th grade: Sees 'Salamandastron' in a bookstore, but doesn't pay any attention to it.

7th grade: A friend recommends Redwall to me, and tells me about the series of books. I frantically search through libraries until the school librarian coincidentially buys the entire series for the middle school library. I read Redwall, Mossflower, then Mattimeo, and was instantly hooked. I bought the entire series in one year, and bought Lord Brocktree when it came out that summer. Soon after, the series appeared on t.v. and I was an obsessed Redwall fanatic.

8th grade: Re-reads, and re-reads the books, and practically dying to wait for the hardback of Taggerung to be released. Eventually I buy it.

9th grade: Now in highschool. Bought Triss the day after it was released. :D
and now, I suppose that I'll just have to wait for Loamhedge to be released...:cool:

March 20th, 2003, 06:44 PM
the only hardback redwall book i got is lord brocktree, its to expensive to buy hardbacks so thats why all the rest of'em are paperbacks.

My middle school had ALL the redwall books in hardcover except triss. But then i went to high school before checking any of'em out except mattimeo and redwall as i said. Stupid ancient high school.......*sigh*

Alice in Mossflower
August 30th, 2007, 02:40 AM
I think it started with Redwall. It was in elelmentary school; I can't remember exactly how old I was, but I can remember it being one of the oldest books in the library; it was hardbound in rough red cloth, the binding had been horribly abused and the gold lettering was wearing down.

So, I checked it out. I don't remember if I finished it or not. And then, after that, I can't remember if I saw the series and got caught up again or read the book and found the TV series. But, either way, I do remember seeing it early on a SUnday morning before PBS cancelled it, and wondering what it was. Then I thought, wow, that must be Redwall. So, here I am today, having watched all three series and having read only Redwall *gasp* even though I have a few other books... but that's becuase I'm a stickler for reading things chronologically and my books are not chronological.

August 30th, 2007, 01:51 PM
My 5th grade classmates recommended the Redwall series to me, and when I checked out Redwall at the library, it was love at first sight. When I had read all the books published at that time, I came upon the DVDs of the television series while searching for Brian Jacques in the online library catalog and ordered them. I don't like them as much as the books, but they're OK.

Janglur Swifteye
August 30th, 2007, 05:21 PM
When I was young (like 7-8) I remember watching the show and liking it. Then one day I had a oral book report come up when I was in the 5th grade. My dad passed me a book and it happened to be Redwall! So I read a few chapters and got addicted. I read it all in like 4 days and then when I gave the report I just wouldnt stop talking about it. The report lasted like 1 hour! Now just last week I have read the entire siries! (so far)

Then like last year my parents got me the first 2 seasons! I was happy and soon found out there was a third season. So I ordered it. When I got it I started watching it nonstop. I laughed, I cried,..ect. And I still watch them and Laugh and cry again.

So to all of those that havn't read all of them. Keep on trecking! Not one loses its Redwall touch. All the way to High Rhulain, and to all of those that have been here awhile. I raise my mug of October Ale to your honor!

August 30th, 2007, 10:33 PM
I don't like them as much as the books, but they're OK.

I wonder why everyone that's watched the Redwall series comments this? Of COURSE the DVD's aren't as good as the book. It's the case with EVERY SINGLE BOOK TO MOVIE ADAPTION mankind has ever created. Except from some older books, like King Kong, of course :)

Goddess of Darkness
August 31st, 2007, 12:07 AM
I wonder why everyone that's watched the Redwall series comments this? Of COURSE the DVD's aren't as good as the book. It's the case with EVERY SINGLE BOOK TO MOVIE ADAPTION mankind has ever created. Except from some older books, like King Kong, of course :)
Well, some of these movies, while not being as good as the book, are amazing (To Kill a Mockingbird being the number example that comes to mind).

September 2nd, 2007, 08:54 AM
Why are you searching around for threads from 5 years ago?

Alice in Mossflower
September 2nd, 2007, 12:48 PM
I was planning on having the entire series read by next year (methinks I am the only one on this forum who has not read more than one book *feels shamed*) but my honors English I teacher has a lot of reading planned for us. Pooey. But I'll try to get them all read. I really really want to... curse high school :P I'm only three days into it and I can't wait for the school year to be over!

September 3rd, 2007, 12:45 AM
I actually kept track of my timeline with the series. It's a year's worth. Except for High Rhulain, all my purchases were paperback editions.

May 16, '05: Hear about "Redwall" from our member Triss on some other board I frequently visit.

May 20, '05: Visited my local bookstore, picked up "Redwall" and the novel "Eragon". I was so close to picking up "Taggerung", but decided to let that one wait for last.

May 20 - Jun 1, '05: "Redwall"

Jun 1, '05: Finished "Redwall". Tried reading "Eragon", got about 100 pages through and was bored to death. So I went to the bookstore and picked up three more books: "Martin the Warrior", "Mossflower", and "The Bellmaker". Thought a while about which I would read first.

Jun 1 - Jun 3, '05: "Martin the Warrior"

Jun 3 - Jun 12, '05: "Mossflower"

Jun 12, '05: Finished "Mossflower". The bookstore announced it was closing down soon [but not before releasing book 6 of the Harry Potter series], so I got in another visit. This time I picked up "Marlfox" and "The Legend of Luke".

Jun 12 - Jun 14, '05: "The Legend of Luke"

Jun 14, '05: Finished "The Legend of Luke". Waited a full day before starting the next book because I wanted to bask in its glow.

Jun 15 - Jun 26, '05: "The Bellmaker". Waited a day before starting it because I wanted to bask in the glow of "Luke". For a week I didn't read "Bellmaker", then I quickly finished it up (it was probably the slow beginning and the fact that I hadn't read "Mariel of Redwall").

Jun 29 - Jul 8, '05: "Marlfox"

Jul 14, '05: Received "Mattimeo" for my birthday.

Jul 15 - Jul 18, '05: "Mattimeo"

Jul 26, '05: Last visit to local bookstore before it shut down, bought "Taggerung" and "The Long Patrol".

Jul 26 - Aug 1, '05: "The Long Patrol"

Aug 1, '05: Finished "The Long Patrol". Since I was going on a camping trip tomorrow, I decided to start my next book early next morning.

Aug 2 - Aug 3, '05: "Taggerung"

Aug 3, '05: Finished "Taggerung", fastest I've ever read a Redwall book, in two days (barely). But I also attribute that to the book being so good that the only thing I wanted to do on the camping trip was read. I vowed to stop reading the Redwall series here because there were no other Redwall books I was interested in reading.

Oct 15, '05: Surprise, I get to visit the Borders bookstore a couple hours away. I figure since I'm there, and there's only one book series I'm interested in, I bought "Outcast of Redwall", "Rakkety Tam", and the hardcover of "High Rhulain".

Oct 15 - Oct 17, '05: "Outcast of Redwall". I sped through it so that I could get onto a hopefully better book.

Oct 18 - Oct 20, '05: "Rakkety Tam"

Oct 20 - Oct 22, '05: "High Rhulain". Again vowed to stop reading the Redwall series.

Dec 24, '05: Got "Triss", "Loamhedge", and "Pearls of Lutra" for Christmas (using that never-observed tradition of saying to heck with Christmas and opening all the presents a day early), because I wanted to give those books a chance.

Dec 26 - Dec 31, '05: "Triss". Finished it just before the New Year's celebration.

Jan 2 - Jan 6, '06: "Loamhedge"

Jan 7 - Jan 11, '06: "Pearls of Lutra"

Feb 23, '06: Got to visit Borders again, so I picked up the rest: "Salamandastron", "Mariel of Redwall", and "Lord Brocktree".

Mar 1 - Mar 30, '06: "Salamandastron". I was reading the book on and off. I'd say seriously it took about two weeks, but it's still the longest time I've spent on a Redwall novel.

Apr 7 - Apr 30, '06: "Mariel of Redwall". Pretty much the same story as the previous book.

May 5 - May 19, '06: "Lord Brocktree". I'll admit speeding through it later on so I'd get finished somewhere around the one-year anniversary.

Oh, was this a thread about the TV series? Learned of the TV show's existence a day after I started reading "Redwall". It was pretty much the face of Martin from Season 3 that made me decide to read "Martin the Warrior" before "Mossflower" (because Martin was so darn cute). About a week after Season 3 of Redwall finally got released on DVD, I bought it off Amazon. I wanted to buy it soon because the series seemed unknown here, and obscure shows/films seem to disappear as quickly as they appear. Well, Netflix to this day doesn't know that a third season of the show exists.
One day I wish to buy Season 2, because that one was actually pretty good, thought it was a little better than Season 3.

September 3rd, 2007, 06:17 PM
Why are you searching around for threads from 5 years ago?

You seem to have a way by wrecking fun and killing the vibe.
Anyway back to the subject. When i was very young like 6. I was watching Tv on PBS, and my mom turned on Redwall. I was instantly hooked. A year later my mom got me the first book. I read some of it and went blahhh. Now 6 years later in June 1st this year. I found it while cleaning up a room. It was dusty and a few of the pages were bent and broke. I started reading it. My interest was instantly sparked. I LOVED it. So I am now reading them i am on Marlfox. And i am a obsessed fan.