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Martin the Warrior
October 11th, 2003, 02:17 PM
A few days ago, Publishers Weekly ran an article by Shannon Maughan (<A HREF="http://publishersweekly.reviewsnews.com/index.asp?layout=articlePrint&articleID=CA327654">The Kids Stay In The Picture</A>) which focused on the fact that the trend of producing family films based on children's books is on the rise (the <i>Harry Potter</i> films being a prime example). The article covers a lot of ground, but there is one specific area that is of interest to Redwallers (emphasis mine):

<BLOCKQUOTE>The Gotham Group, an agency in L.A. that represents a varied roster of family entertainment talent as well as Simon & Schuster's children's catalogue and backlist for film rights, keeps an eye out for "books that can be big animated motion pictures or books that can be family films ranging from <i>Holes</i> to <i>Harry Potter</i>," according to Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Gotham's founder and president. In recent months Gotham's Julie Kane-Ritsch has noticed that "studios and producers are more open to book projects for animation." A bulging roster of active projects at Gotham includes <b>a big-screen adaptation of Brian Jacques's Redwall series with Andrew Marlowe (<i>Air Force One</i>) working on a screenplay (Nelvana holds the rights)</b>, and a feature film development for the Frannie K. Stein, Mad Scientist book series by James Benton (S&S).</BLOCKQUOTE>

I am currently tracking down the specifics of this deal. The fact that a name is already attached to a screenplay is heartening and could suggest that it's only a matter of time before we see Redwall in theatres.

Andrew Marlowe's past credits include <i>Hollow Man</i> (screenplay & story), <i>End of Days</i> (writer), <i>Air Force One</i> (writer), and two episodes of the 1994 television series <i>Viper</i> (as co-writer). He is, perhaps, an odd choice for tackling the adaptation of Redwall, but we should reserve judgment until we see what he can do.

Stay tuned to The Newsline for more details.

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