The Long Patrol Forums FAQ

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Prohibited Language

Absolutely NO swearing is allowed. This includes facsimiles, such as starring out the letters of a word or using "@#$%" symbols to SPELL OUT words. Starring out all letters of the word means nothing when we can still decipher what the offending word is.

Using symbols randomly ("$&$^@!") when they constitute the entirety of a sentence is acceptable. Using symbols to replace actual profanity within a sentence is not.

Religious Discussions

No religious discussions are allowed. A Redwall board isn't the place for them. Religious discussions, more often than not, turn into nothing more than a "my belief is better than your belief" flame war that accomplishes nothing. Saying "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Hannukah" (etc.) is fine. You do not have to hide your faith. Just don't post anything that's derogatory towards another's religion.

Exchanging Personal Information

Exchanging real-life information, such as your phone number, address, etc. is not permitted. Neither is using the boards to make plans TO exchange such information.


Making numerous, one-liner posts that do not contribute to discussions is called "spamming". Do NOT spam. Respond to topics only when you have something to contribute. Pointless posts are not only annoying, they create more work for the SCRIBEs and can alienate you from your fellow posters.

Age Appropriateness

Keep things age appropriate. Kids as young as eight visit the board. Parents shouldn't have to worry about what they'll see here.

Hotlinking Images

Do not direct link images from someone else's website. You may only link to images that are on your own personal webspace. Linking from somebody else's site is bandwidth theft and could cost that person money.

Feel the Forum Out

Please read the other posts for a while before joining in. Seeing what's been discussed recently will help you get a feel for the board and its members before you jump in.

Choose the Right Forum

Make sure that your posts are made in the appropriate forum. All posts about the Redwall Series should be made in "The Bookshelf". All posts concerning the Redwall Television Series should be made in "RWTV: Redwall on TV"; Fan-Fiction goes in "The Writer's Block"; website links go in "And the Best Website Is..."; everything else goes in "The Patroller - General Discussion".

Punctuation & Grammar

Excessive punctuation (!!!!!!!!!!!!), stretching the tables with repeated letters (stopppppppppppppp [etc.]), ALL-CAPS, substituting words with letters and numbers (U R 2 GOOD 2 B 4 GOT N, etc.), l33t speak, etc. is frowned upon and doesn't leave a good impression.

Personal Attacks

Do not personally attack another poster. Disagreements are fine, so long as they're executed in an intelligent and constructive fashion. Threats and name-calling cross the line.


Do not start the same thread in multiple forums. Do not start a new thread for a topic already being discussed. Post in the original thread instead. If a thread has not been active for over six months, though, then you're free to create a new one.

Illegal Content

Do not make any posts that either condone or encourage breaking the law. This includes posting links to places where bootleg CD's, DVD's, computer programs, TV shows, etc., may be downloaded/purchased.


The content of your signature is subject to the same rules as the rest of the board and you will be held accountable for it. No inappropriate links, images, or language is allowed. Users are allowed one image per sig, two if the second image is very small (5 KB or less). If two images are used, they should be on the same row (i.e. no line breaks). The height of the image you use should be reasonable. It should not take up half of the monitor when browsing. File size of the sig image should not exceed 20 KB and should not, under any circumstances, be in the 100+ KB range.

Responsibility for Your Account

You are responsible for your account and all things posted under it, including posts not actually made by you. So, when visiting the board from a public computer (like at the library), remember to log out by clicking "Logout" at the top of the page once you're done. I also advise you not let friends or family members use your account, either.


Failure to follow the rules and failure to heed warnings made by myself or the Scribes will result in your being banned from the board. Should you attempt to return to the board under a different name, that name will be banned, as well.

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