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General Statement

The Long Patrol Forums is a free service of, provided to users of The Long Patrol's websites. These services are intended for the use and exchange of positive and family-friendly information and discussion of Redwall with friends and fans. In accepting this agreement, you consent to follow the rules of content and behavior regarding individual participation in the forums. Use of these sites and services constitutes your acceptance of the terms.

Nature of Content

The Long Patrol Club is a family-oriented site dedicated to promoting the friendly and positive exchange of information. Users of all ages access the site; therefore, it is our intention to make The Long Patrol Forums child-safe and family-friendly at all times.

Prohibited Content

Obscene or vulgar language and questionable or adult-oriented comments and/or statements are not permitted; such comments are subject to removal and termination of user access. Debates are allowed on particular forums, as long as the tone is objective and non-confrontational. Questionable subject matter such as that supporting the use of drugs or those contrary to family values, are not permitted. The Long Patrol Club reserves the right to determine appropriate and inappropriate content. Users who disagree with this policy should not utilize the site.

The exchange of truth, above all, is valued on The Long Patrol Forums. Any fictional stories or untruthful statements, either about The Long Patrol Club, its members, or other individuals, are not permitted and will be immediately removed. Any personally-published materials, such as fan-fiction stories, are permitted in the appropriate forum.

Advertising / Posting URL's

Exchange of information on The Long Patrol Forums should be limited to that of a Redwall nature, unless otherwise indicated. Commercial advertising or solicitations, either through personal promotion, or by posting internet addresses by Universal Resource Locators (URLs), is strictly prohibited. 

The one exception to this rule is limited to the exchange of Redwall-related content. That is, a site dedicated to Redwall or containing substantial Redwall-related content. All linked contents are subject to review by forum moderators authorized to make decisions regarding suitable content. Any content judged inappropriate to this singular stipulation is subject to immediate removal.

Personal Conduct

The Long Patrol Club is intended as a place for Redwall friends to congregate online in a positive exchange. Users of The Long Patrol Forums are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner. Any conduct not consistent with this standard such as inflammatory comments, insults, slander, verbal abuse, name-calling, or posts of a demeaning or condescending nature will be deleted immediately and the user may be restricted and/or terminated with or without warning.

Because of the intended nature of The Long Patrol Forums, airing personal grievances or starting “flame” wars is strictly prohibited. This kind of negative behavior is counter-productive.

Moderators (Scribes) and Staff

The Scribes have the job of maintaining their respective message boards, and are responsible for keeping objectionable material off of The Long Patrol Forums. They have the authority to delete posts and threads, and to terminate users at their discretion, based on policies and terms contained in the User Agreement. 

Staff members working on The Long Patrol Forums dedicate their time and effort into making this site enjoyable for all those who visit here. They have been given discretion to operate in a manner befitting the overall mission of the site, and make decisions on how the site can be improved.

These individuals act on behalf of and have been appointed by The Long Patrol Club management. If an individual has a problem with a Scribe or staff member of The Long Patrol Forums, they are expected to address it via personal e-mail and keep the matter off of the forums. Please refer to the Actions section of this agreement for details in contacting staff.


We at The Long Patrol Forums want all participants to enjoy themselves while using these services. When a dispute arises, whether it is with another user of the forum, a Scribe or staff member, we want to know about it. Therefore, we are providing a process through which users can have their individual concerns addressed by those in charge so the issue can be resolved. 

Please use these official channels when dealing with any type of conflict and keep the issue off of the forums in general, so as not to contribute to any negativity on the forums themselves.

Email the Scribes at or, individually at:,, and


This process is not considered as a place for users to gripe about moderators deleting posts or threads, or to air disagreements with the way Scribes or staff members operate their respective areas of the site. This process is intended for the honest reporting of misconduct or abusive treatment by other users or Long Patrol Forums staff.

If it is discovered that issues reported through this process are misleading or fraudulent, the user reporting the alleged problem is subject to having their access restricted and/or terminated.

User Disputes

Individuals who have problems or issues with the message forums users should contact the Scribe of the forum in question. Scribes have been given the authority to deal with user misconduct and the issue will be dealt with. If, after addressing the problem to the Scribes, no action has been taken, then please contact the administrators.

Scribes / Staff Member Problems

Those experiencing problems with Long Patrol Forums staff members or forum moderators are asked to contact the forum administrators through the provided e-mail addresses, or The administrators will then take a serious look at the issue and decide what action should be taken.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated concerning reports of abuse and misconduct. We at The Long Patrol Forums assure you we will do our best to act in a timely manner to address your problems and will put a high priority on any issues that we deem of high concern.


Thank you for reading this User Agreement. We at The Long Patrol Forums are constantly working to improve the website and strive to deliver the best in Redwall content, and to make the Redwall Online Community here one of a positive and enlightening nature.

Your continued access to The Long Patrol Forums and use of its services constitutes acceptance of this policy. If you do not agree with the statements contained herein, please do not use the site. Thank you.

The Long Patrol Forums Management

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