Recently, some contradictions have popped up concerning catalogue listings for Brian's upcoming Redwall novel, Rackety Tam. While some sources have used the spelling we're all familiar with ("Rackety Tam"), others, such as, have listed it, instead, as "Rakkety Tam".

At this point, either is possible, although Amazon has gotten bad information in the past (most recently with The Tale of Urso Brunov).

As I was given the "Rackety Tam" spelling by a very reliable source, that's what I'll be sticking with here at the Newsline until it's shown to be incorrect by an official source. That said, don't be surprised if "Rakkety Tam" is what is eventually printed on the cover.

Rackety Tam is due out this August in the UK and this September in the US.

Stay tuned for more information.