MatthiasSome good news and some bad news for fans awaiting a DVD release of RWTV's second season, Mattimeo.

The good news is that, apparently, the first video and DVD of the season was released on May 10th. Entitled Redwall - Slagar the Slaver, it is unknown how many episodes the volume contains.

The bad news is that this release is UK only, being Region 2 and PAL format. Neither the VHS nor the DVD will work on North American players (unless you happen to own a PAL VCR or a Region Free DVD player).

Followers of RWTV news will know that a UK release of the first season preceded its US release, so this is definitely a good sign for a North American Mattimeo release. However, it just means that we'll have to be patient a little bit more.

UK residents can order the VHS or DVD online at

Stay tuned to the Newsline for more developments.

For more information on the Redwall Television series, visit RWTV: Redwall on TV.

(Special thanks to Finn for bringing this to my attention.)