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Thread: Concerning the Spoiler Tag

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    Exclamation Concerning the Spoiler Tag

    All Redwall books from Redwall to The Rogue Crew (published order) may be discussed freely on The Bookshelf forum. There are no books where spoiler tag usage is mandatory.

    Posters are encouraged to use the spoiler tag for significant details, however,


    as we don't want to ruin the experience for new fans.

    Minor details, such as Basil's adoption of Cheek, etc. are not considered major spoilers and, thus, are not required to be enclosed in spoiler tags. What plot points to enclose in spoiler tags is left up to the discretion of the poster.

    Please do not jump on other posters for not using the spoiler tag for every detail. Instead, kindly ask them to use the spoiler tag in the future.
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