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Thread: RWTV Times

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    RWTV Times

    Where can I find the listings for RWTV?

    It was on where I live for a while, and then GRRRR!!it wasn't anymore. I don't know what station or what.

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    Okay, go to (you can also use, but it takes forever to load, it doesn't have listings as far in advance as zap2it does, and I think it makes you register with them as well), type your zip code into the box on the right, then confirm your cable provider, and then just use the search option that's right above the listings grid.

    Some other people have recommended, but I remember it being inaccurate for my area a few years back, so I dunno how trustworthy it is.

    And you might want to keep checking every once in a while, as I know my PBS was always randomly taking it off only to put it back on and then take it off again as soon as I realized they were showing it, and generally being a pain.
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    1,396 sucks, it didn't even say it was airing when it actually was.
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    try or something. im sure they have a guide there.
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