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Thread: Summer

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    Patroller Cinnabarr Rivershell's Avatar
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    May 2004


    I expect the title of this thread to give away the content to be found in it. We will be discussing yellow wart toads and their ecological effects on the environment. Do you guys think that the new Swamp Land Act passed by Congress this Wednesday will take away vital habitats for the yellow wart toads? We were talking about this in Biology class, and I feel that........SIKE!!!!

    Anyways, yes this thread is about Summer!!!! So what are your plans? What are you looking forward to? Pour your life into this thread. Let's make it juicy and chunky!!!! Okay, I am getting weirder by the day. I just can't control my self.

    As for me, this summer is going to be a blast. Everyday starting tomorrow I'm going to wake up at 6:30 am so I can go running in the morning with my friends. We're getting ready for Cross Country season. In fact we're going for first place in our league this year, so I'm really looking forward to getting ready for it. I'm going to try to run 400-500 miles this summer. Oh, by the way, just to rant, this year in Track I shaved my time for the one-mile (1600 meter) down to 4:54 minutes!!! By senior year, I'm going to try and break 4:25. *Rant over*

    After Cross Country practice, I'll have to take a quick shower, and then go to my World History 2 class, which starts at 9:00 am. I'm taking this class for 5-6 weeks. Stalin and Hitler here I come!

    Every Monday and Wednesday after my World History class is over; I'm going to go over to St. Mary's Medical Center to complete my Christian Service Requirement (100 hours). Most high schoolers leave it to their Junior year, but I like to get things done early, so I'll just get it out of the way this summer, so I won't have to worry about it for next summer or the summer after that. On Fridays and Saturdays, I'll go to work to make money for that car I'm saving up for.

    Speaking of cars....this summer I'm getting my driver's license (that is if I pass the test)! On August 2nd I'll be turning 16, and by then I will have had my permit for 6 months so I'll be able to take the test! I can't wait.

    Unfortunately, I'm not going on any trips this summer, nor am I going to Boy Scout camp. I just couldn't fit them into my schedule.

    Well, that's my summer for you. Now let's hear yours!!!
    -Cinnabarr Rivershell

    I run therefore I am

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    Nov 2004
    The good old Red, White, and Red.
    I really want to get a job so I can afford a video camera so I can spend the rest of my summer making claymation movies. Of course, that's what I WANT to do. What I want and what I'll probably do are two entirely different things.
    Enter the Castle of Professor Falliss. Who knows: you might make it out alive.


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    Patroller: Emeritus Cale Yin's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    in my apartment.
    My summer started May 5, and I've been so lazy. I needed a break though.
    This summer I intend to:
    Learn to knit
    Learn to drive a stick shift
    Make a good amount of seed bead jewelry for myself
    Do NOT buy any more tank tops
    Get a job that pays at least $8 an hour
    Walk 1 hour a day (my knees are bad, it hurts if I run regularly)/do Yoga/Pilates/some mixture of physical activity)
    Unpack all the stuff from my dorm eventually
    Don't get sunburned
    Go to beach with family June 14
    Get my dad's 50th birthday present (his birthday is June 4! ack!! not enough time)
    Purchase Scrubs: Season 1; The Adventures of Pete & Pete on DVD; Coldplay's new album; a pair of khaki pants suitable for work

    I can't think of any more right now.

    I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles
    In our eyes are mirror images and when
    We kiss they're perfectly aligned
    And I have to speculate that God himself
    Did make us into corresponding shapes like
    Puzzle pieces from the clay...

    They will see us waving from such great
    Heights, 'come down now,' they'll say
    But everything looks perfect from far away,
    'Come down now...' but we'll stay...
    -Postal Service, Give Up

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    Rollo's Summer Goals! ^_^

    1. Practice my martial arts
    2. Learn how to shoot guns
    3. Help my parents
    4. And most important, have fun!

    "Ore wo dare da to omoite yarou?!"--Simon, Guren Lagann

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    Aug 2003
    Working, like each and every one of you should be
    -Lord Trawnbull Thickstripe(TBT)

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    Jul 2004
    Getting a life, as you all should.
    Let's see, just enoying my final two months with my friends who've become like brothers and sisters to me before we all go to our different colleges. I'm also trying to find a job at the moment (no one around here wants to hire me), 'cause I need to make some $$$ so I have some to spend in college, when I probably won't have time to work much.
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    Patroller PiarasJ's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    What will I be doing this Summer...I mean Winter....?

    Tomorrow I'm going South to pick up a car I bought. I'm a bit nervous because I haven't even seen it yet, but a good friend took it for a test drive and I called the garage that serviced it regularly to ask about it. It seems good, but I'm not handing over the cash until I'm satisfied. It's a Ford Laser Wagon, white, manual, towbar, roofracks, bike rack.

    ANYway, back to Winter plans.

    Go snowboarding.
    Go camping at the lakes with whoever will come with me, to go fishing.
    Buy good earphones.
    Pay for my sister's discman. It's been sitting on my drawing board for over a year now and I feel like I should buy it from her rather than borrow it indefinately. She keeps telling me not to pay her, but...ah well.

    In the middle ground between futile revolution and blind materialism is the direct experience.

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    Patroller Lord Servone's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    Walt Disney Must Feed!
    Summer plans

    1) try to make money and not loose it all before school starts again (that includes, as planned thus far, recycling cans, selling stuff on e-bay, and having a garage sale).
    2) I'm in a production of A Comedy of Errors as part of an outdoor Shakespeare Festival.
    3)Soon, I will be taking a biology class in order to get extra credits out of the way. I'm kind having second thoughts about doing this but I have no choice.
    4) Hopefully get notified for a potential audition.
    5) Get some reading and writing done as well as get around to watching my stack of DVDs.
    6) I think there's a wedding somewhere this summer too...not sure though

    And Caleyin...I've been out of school since the end of April and I still haven't unpacked a lot of my stuff. The only stuff I've unpacked really is stuff I needed. That's why I haven't shaved for a while (like anybody here would notice xP).

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    Patroller: General Ferahgo the Assassin's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    Minneapolis, MN
    I've spent more than enough summers working - so for this one, I don't need to so I'm not. I'm going to try my best to actually enjoy my last summer vacation before college. More than likely I'm going to spend a week or so in Washington, DC and probably visit friends and relatives in Virginia and Michigan.

    I really have no specific summer goals other than to draw more and get through a stack of books I haven't had time to read during school.
    "Luck, good or bad, is not the hand of God. Luck is the way the wind swirls and dust settles eons after God has passed by." - Winston Niles Rumsfoord, The Sirens of Titan

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    Patroller Felldoh's Avatar
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    May 2004

    - Work
    - Pay off car
    - Go to a couple weddings
    - Family reunion
    - Lose some weight
    He's pouring his heart out to me and all I can think is, "I really want that burrito in the fridge. I'm glad I got sour cream today."

    -Ferahgo the Assassin

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    Patroller: General Bladeswift's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    Amerika (It's wunderbar!)
    I've been out since Wednesday. Except for the days I work, I plan to:

    Stay up til at least 5:00am
    Sleep in til at least 12:00pm
    When it comes in season, start hunting squirrel
    Possibly write
    Actually ingest real food (School lunch is the nastiest stuff)

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    Registered User Basils #1 fan's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    United States
    Schools out for me also!It's great!

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    Patroller Kratos's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    In a location with nice internet service,and fast taxis that charge too much.
    Just going to live at the pool and local tennis courts.Yup.
    I'm not paranoid,but this machine knows who I am.

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    Patroller: General LadyBeelze's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    The Beehive State
    - Get a new job. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking at this local fast food place right now but the place is going bankrupt and I want to get out before it gets worse. Most people are getting their paychecks a week or two weeks later and that's not really good. Bad thing is there aren't a whole lot of job openings in this area. What's probably going to happen is I'll work at the grocery store like everyone else in my grade. Woopee, that sounds so fun! Bagging is like my life dream, y'know! The thrill and rush from putting food into a bag is like none other..

    - Eat breakfast. Haven't ate it for a year and It's a bad habit. I really need to start having it again..

    - Earn money to fix the darn little truck. It's been a year since I've got my driving license and I still don't have a vehicle that I can use. Sooo frustrating. But with the gas prices as high as they are, maybe it's a good thing ..

    - Ride bike around town every morning. Urgh..need to stay in shape. And no, I'm not fat. 102 pounds hardly qualifys as fat. But I get out of breath too easily, I am ashamed..

    And just take it easy and enjoy my last summer before I have to go to college.

    May 30th I'm going to Aspen Grove for three days, it's a church activity and it's going to be loads of fun. Yup. And then another church activity less than a week later, this one for four days. We're going to goblin valley (Really pretty rocks and formations. Red rocks are sooo pretty. Though it makes me sad since this was the last time I saw this Church leader before she got in a major accident and is now mentally retarded. *cries*, then a hike through this valley with all our personal belongings on our backs for 7 miles, and the last two days we're rafting on the Colorado river. I canít wait.

    I also want to go visit my relatives in California this summer for two weeks. The beach is my favorite place to go to. And thatís my rantings of the day. eh
    ~ YdAl EzLeEb

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    Oct 2002
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cale Yin
    I can't think of any more right now.
    ::thwaps Caleyin with Yoda's walking stick:: You forgot "Rent the original Star Wars movies like Martin told me to".
    ~Martin the Warrior~
    -President of The Long Patrol

    "A poet is a musician who can't sing. Words have to find a man's mind before they can touch his heart, and some men's minds are woeful small targets. Music touches their hearts directly no matter how small or stubborn the mind of the man who listens."
    ~The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss

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