(originally reported September 27th)

The national chain of bookstores, Waldenbooks, is gearing up for Triss' release (and capitalizing on Taggerung's PB release) and putting books from the Redwall Series on display. As part of those displays, they're offering free Redwall bookmarks. These are the same bookmarks that are being offered through the Redwall Readers Club, except you can get them for free. There are six in all-- depicting Tammo, Tsarmina, Sunflash, Ungatt Trunn, Captain Snow, and Klitch & Goffa. They're simply cropped portions of Troy Howell's book covers with a note on which book the character was in, but still look pretty nice. On the back is a list of Brian's books through Triss.

So, head on down to your local Waldenbooks to pick one up. If any of you encounter this promotion in any other bookstores, be sure to let me know. As a point of interest for you collectors out there, Waldenbooks has carried the latest Redwall trading card when a new Redwall book is released.