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Best Villain

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  • Tsarmina

    4 12.90%
  • Gabool

    1 3.23%
  • Slagar

    2 6.45%
  • Cluny

    7 22.58%
  • Vilu Daskar

    0 0%
  • The Marlfoxes

    2 6.45%
  • Urgan Nagru

    0 0%
  • Ungatt Trunn

    1 3.23%
  • Ferahgo

    8 25.81%
  • Sawney Rath

    0 0%
  • Badrang

    2 6.45%
  • Ironbeak

    0 0%
  • Swartt

    0 0%
  • Kurda

    0 0%
  • Asmodeus

    4 12.90%
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Thread: Best Villain

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    Best Villain

    Vote for the villain you consider the smartest, coolest or strongest, please explain your selection.

    And yes I know we've discussed villains before but now we've got a poll, so vote away.

    I said Tsarmina because she was just awesome, came the closest to killing the main character, so you gotta give her mad props, especially considering that main character was Martin. She shoulda won....
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    Ferahgo (Just awesome)
    Three way tie The Marl Foxes (Smart)
    Ugnaut Trunn (Cool!)

    My choices! But I also like Ruggan bor.
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    Ferahgo, because he was the smartest and most twisted.

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    Anyone who has read my humorous fanfics should know the answer, who is not listed in the poll.

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    Ferahgo was the epitome of villainy.

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    Patroller Felldoh's Avatar
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    Cluny. The first villain of the whole series.
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    Well, I'm sure everyone could easily guess my choice.
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    After thinking about it, it is tough to pick my favorite villain. Keep in mind that I've never read about Gabool, Ungatt Trunn, Ferahgo, Swartt, or Kurda, so they're not in my overall choices.

    I chose Slagar because it seemed like he was the only villain to be a significant threat, and I can't ignore his appearance of a scarred fox. Love the idea that he has a raspy voice for some reason. He really made himself fearsome, and he lived up to his subname "The Cruel".

    Now for the choices I didn't pick and why:

    Tsarmina - After Cluny and Badrang, she just didn't stand out.

    Cluny - He's probably the best overall for a villain, but then he established the base of "Redwall villain", and I still think Slagar was more of a threat than Cluny was. Even with Cluny's barbed tail.

    Vilu Daskar - Cool appearance, but awfully dull.

    Marlfoxes - Mokkan was a sound leader, confident in his abilities, (a little disturbed near the end however) and Lantur was just crazy. Alas while that made them interesting, it didn't make them any more fearsome to Redwallers.

    Urgan Nagru - I'll just say I thought the interactions between him and his fiery wife Silvamord was great. When either of them are alone, however, they don't make for best villain material. Only when together. And fighting against eachother. Because cooperating kills what made them interesting in the first place.

    Sawney Rath - Um, no. But if Ruggan Bor were in the poll, he'd be my favorite by far for being unusually calm in all matters, with eyes that would pierce through the soul, and being a dashing yellow fox doesn't hurt either.

    Badrang - I know I've called Badrang my favorite before, but to tell the truth, alone he doesn't have much. I found Clogg more interesting (probably since I imagined him to be a Jack Sparrow stoat instead of a fat thing). It's only when Badrang and Clogg are fighting that Badrang reaches near the top of my list. Badrang looks great too. But I'd never place him above Ruggan Bor.

    Ironbeak - He actually proved more a threat than Slagar did, and his reign of terror was closer to home, but I never thought of him as a villain for some reason. I don't think of Ironbeak as a villain yet think of Ruggan Bor - who's in like three chapters only - as a villain. Weird mind I have. I'd place Ironbeak above Slagar except I just don't think of him as a villain.

    Asmodeus - Didn't think of him as a villain at all, and didn't have enough time to become a significant villain.
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    Ferahgo because he had a smile that made everyone cringe and he had a lot of knives. I would definitly stay away from someone with lots of knives, unless of course I was a badger.

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    Patroller Iyla's Avatar
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    Tsarmania, because she was the perfect mix of credible warlord(lady?) for most of the book, and then just went off her rocker at the end. She was clearly flawed, which made her beliveable, but she wasn't so nutso that she couldn't manage her castle. (at least for a little while..)
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    I think Greypatch should have been on there... He and Cluny were the only villains who actually had some understanding of basic strategy.

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    Probably Cluny. First villain, and the best overall, I reckon.
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    Obviously, I chose Badrang (Strong, smart, and not a backseat driver), but I'd like to say a few words for some of the constantly overlooked villians.

    Swartt: He was as cruel as cruel can be. Ignored his wife and son, ruled through a fear more intense then some others, and had a good relationship with the hero, something that's fairly rare.

    Damug: Just as evil as the next guy, cunning, ruthless, fairly good at military commanding. i don't see why alot of people don't like him.

    Raga Bol: I really, really don't understand why people don't like him. Had an interesting sort of comaraderie with his crew, had a good relation with the hero, and it is made clear at the start of the book that he is an accomplished murderer.
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    Cool ex[planation

    I choose Gabool the Wild, because he has a house on the ocean, really good food, lots of shiny/sparkly stuff, a pet scorpion, & he's nuts.

    -lady blasir
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    I choose Asmodeus, he kicked tail! I would've choosen Plugg Firetail, but for some reason, he wasn't on the list, could you explain why the best fox ever was omitted?
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