The RibbajackAfter more than two years since its initial release, Brian's collection of spooky short-stories, The Ribbajack, will finally see release in paperback.

Sharp eyed fans will notice that something is different, however. In the time that it's taken The Ribbajack to move from hardcover to paperback, it has apparently undergone a title change. While the hardcover was entitled The Ribbajack and Other Curious Yarns, the paperback sports the name The Ribbajack and Other Haunting Yarns.

Why the switch from Curious Yarns to Haunting Yarns? No word yet. One possibility is that buyers (particularly of the parental variety) weren't expecting scary stories under the old title and complained about the misleading name. Pure conjecture at this point.

Ribbajack Title Change

The Ribbajack and Other Haunting Yarns is slated for an August 17th, 2006 U.S. release (ISBN: 0142403784).