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Thread: my cruddy poem

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    my cruddy poem

    Through all of our hardships
    And all of our fights
    We gave it our all
    Just for our rights

    We strung up our bows
    Preparing for war
    We let some shafts fly
    And let fly some more

    We watch their men fall
    And lie dead on the ground
    We saw our men stand
    As we looked all around

    Our leader was brave
    As we stood by his side
    We advanced on our foe
    All stride in stride

    We were persistent
    We never withdrew
    We always fought hard
    As one we went through

    In battles we took
    We fought with much might
    We clashed all our swords
    To win us a fight

    When our deed was done
    We all went to town
    To celebrate the victory
    When we knocked our foe down

    We sang out in pride
    We sang out like men
    We had a good time
    As we sang it again

    Then we recounted
    The lives of lost men
    Not only the enemy
    But also our kin

    Then we all mourned
    For our friends that we lost
    And then we had learned
    About what was our cost

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    Bravo!! I read this and I was shocked that you titled it what you did! This is awsome! I love it! Totally awsome!

    "Tahahahahaha woohhahahahaah tehehehe!"

    Earsplitting isnt it?

    Anyone want a scone?

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    That is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know why you called it cruddy, it's awesome! I love war poems, songs, ballads, stories, ect.

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    I loved it it was wonderful it was was was ohh just look below.
    It was totally great. I loved it. it was a lot beter than mine.
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    It's certainly not cruddy! Great poem!

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    yea... this is amazing!! if you ever have a poetry competition... you should consider sending it in or using it in one
    Click Here!

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    great job.

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    Very good! Keep it up!
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