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Thread: My first fanfic...Eep!

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    My first fanfic...Eep!

    Um...I didn't post it on this forum, because, to be honest....I'm too lazy. But I posted it on'm NovaScotiaSquidButter)

    Right here! Bwee.

    I would really appreciate it if some people would go read it and give me some feedback, because, like I said, it was my first the way, the site screwed up a little of the format and turned "?!"s into "!"s, for example...

    Thanks! ^^

    PS: Sorry, I didn't really know where this thread belonged, but since I'm asking for comments, this seemed like the most likely place.
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    I read it! I read it!

    I liked it! I liked it!

    I've never come across Neverwinter Nights-Hordes of the Underdark before, but you did a good job of explaining it so I didn't feel lost at all. I like your story idea, bringing magical type characters to the world of Redwall. It interests me greatly. And I liked
    . Overall, I really like it. Great job and when are you going to put the rest of it up?
    -Cinnabarr Rivershell

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    Thanks! Yeah, NWN is my favorite game...of course, neither Jaudaran or Dai really have much to do with it other than us using them in it...I'll be having Jaudaran talk more about her past later...

    I'll be updating as I write, so how fast it goes really depends on how much free time I have...^^ I'm working on chapter two right now. Seeing as it's not really serious, I'll be making up most of the storyline as I go, so even I have no idea where it'll lead...for all I know, Jaudaran and Dai could end up on opposite sides of the war. I only know one thing for sure. Jaudaran covered in bees. Yes. (Very obscure Eddie Izzard reference...I will award 1 billion internet dollars to anyone that has seen Glorious and knows this bit)
    "Night falls like a bad power point presentation."

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