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Voyage of Slaves Sweepstakes!!
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Thread: Voyage of Slaves Sweepstakes!!

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    Lightbulb Voyage of Slaves Sweepstakes!!


    Yesterday Voyage of Slaves was released, and Brian's US publisher(Penguin) is having an awesome contest! Here are the details:

    *Open to legal U.S. residents, ages 8 and up.
    *One (1) winner will receive a signed collection of all twenty (20) of Brian Jacques' Redwall and Castaways titles in hardcoveró total approximate retail value ("ARV" $479.80).

    Mail entry forms to:

    Attn: Voyage of Slaves Sweepstakes
    Penguin Young Readers Marketing
    345 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

    Sweepstakes Page

    Entry Form

    Entries must be received by November 21, 2006

    (I really felt this deserved it's own thread)

    Also, something I just noticed. It says 20, but by my count, 18 Redwall + 3 Castaways = 21. Odd.
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    I assume the extra two include the Great Feast and Winter Tales.

    ...wait. 20 all together? Either a couple books are missing from the list (High Rhulain or Voyages of Slaves) or the banner meant to say "all 20 Redwall books plus the Castaways books", which would make it out to 23. Because 20 together doesn't equal a full set in any way unless some book is omitted.

    But still, any contest offering the full 20-book collection plus the three Castaways books... that's one heck of an offer! Approximately $480... geez that's a lot. Well, I'm sure whoever wins the contest will be very happy, and have quite a bit of reading ahead of them.
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    **jaw drops** That is so generous of them! I've got to go sign up!

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    NOOOOOO! I live in Canada. Well. I'll just hope that soon they do one in canada....probobly not htough....oh well.

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