The Angel's CommandI went to my local Barnes & Noble earlier today to pick up my copy of the finalized version of The Angel's Command, which wound up being a very interesting trip. I immediately headed back towards where they usually kept Brian's books and, sure enough, there was a display promoting The Angel's Command right in front. What was on that display, though, was something of a shock. Stacked right on top were copies with this round, silver sticker on it that said "SIGNED COPY" (see picture to the left). I did a double take and grabbed the book. Flipping through it, sure enough, there was Brian's familiar signature (in other words, it was authentic). What's more, it wasn't a bookplate-- he'd signed the actual page (see below)! As I checked the other books on the display, I discovered that there were only two signed copies amidst all the rest. The other copies not only lacked the signature, but lacked the page that the signature was made on.

As I made my purchase, I inquired as to where they got these copies, whether they were sent by the publisher or whether Brian had made a tour stop without my (or's) knowledge. They weren't entirely sure where the books had come from, but they knew for certain that Brian hadn't come to their store. Therefore, a bookstore that Brian didn't visit personally was selling autographed copies at no extra cost. That's worth any Jacques fan checking out.

It's unknown whether this was a fluke incident or if this is some sort of promotion. As such, I suggest everyone go down to their local Barnes & Noble (or other bookseller) to see if they can't snag an autographed copy, as well. It never hurts to check.

Should anyone else manage to find an autographed copy at their store, please let me know.

As a sidenote, I've finally been able to confirm the cover artist for The Angel's Command and it's none other than John Howe. As I'm unaware of any other "John Howe's", I can only assume that it's none other than the famed J.R.R. Tolkien artist.

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The Angel's Command

The autograph.