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Thread: "Harry Potter" Editor Was First to Read "Redwall" in U.S.

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    Exclamation "Harry Potter" Editor Was First to Read "Redwall" in U.S.

    I just read an interesting article about Arthur Levine, the editor responsible for bringing Harry Potter to the U.S.

    Redwall fans will be interested in this part of the interview:

    In that initial Putnam job, he happened to be the first to read "Redwall," by Brian Jacques. "I was over the moon," he says about the opening volume of what would become an immensely popular series. When his boss wouldn't go for it, he asked permission to take it down the hall to Philomel, a Putnam imprint. Much later, when he was heading the children's division at Knopf, he enhanced his reputation by acquiring Philip Pullman's celebrated "His Dark Materials" trilogy.
    Levine seems to have the golden touch. Fun bit of trivia to know!

    In case anyone is interested in reading the rest, here's the link:
    Wizardly Editor Caught the Golden Snitch
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    Very interesting!
    *God Bless America*

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