Hey rose you know you drive me crazy,
one walk puts your rythem in my head!
still I'll never see why Badrangs around,
I see whats going down!

You cover up with roses in yer' hair, tell yourself your gonna fight with martin,
you fight alone and he swears he loves youuu!

Do you feel like a rat, when you push her around, do you feel like a rat as she falls to the ground, well I'll tell you my friend one day this fights gonna end, and I'll rise from the ground, my sword I have fouuund!

Better watch out Badrang, every action in this world has a conciquense. If you wait around for surrender you will surely burn, I see what you've earned. I see the way you go and say you'll die today, say you'll die today, heave my rapture!

Chorus again.

One day, he will tell you, that he's loooooove! But will it be to late?

Chorus again

She's facedown in the dirt, she says it doesnt hurt, she cries I'm lost in looooooooooove!
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