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Least Favorite Book
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Thread: Least Favorite Book

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    Least Favorite Book

    Which Redwall novel is your least favorite? I'd have to say Marlfox. I didn't think it was as exciting as the others, in terms of making me want to continue reading. I also think there should have been more charactor development for most of the charactors, especially the Marlfoxes. I still enjoyed it, just not as much as some of the other books.
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    I personally think the character development was good in "Marlfox", but I know what you mean. The first time I read "Marlfox" i wasn't as gripped by the story as I had been by others. However, in my opinion, it improves greatly with re-reading.
    I find it as hard to say my least favorite as I do my favorite. When I first read the series through "Mattimeo" was my least enjoyable, though I'm not exactly sure why. I think perhaps I disliked the General Ironbeak story because it was not so much adventure and war, just a bit more farsical (sp?). Again, this improved on re-reading. At the moment I don't really know.

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    I'd have to say Martin the Warrior. I found it to be quite over-dramatic, and BJ had too many important characters die. At first, Clogg seemed like a fairly nasty pirate and good villain, but after being tricked by Badrang and going crazy, it just made him sound like more of a fool. Badrang was also rather annoying, and lacked the character of a cold-hearted villain.
    I just think the story could've been done a little better.
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    I'd have to say what i enjoyed the least would be The Legend Of Luke. It took me two weeks to read while a normal redwall book takes me a day or two. Maybe if i reread it i'll like it better, who knows.
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    Not really sure, proabably Mariel of Redwal though. Though I did like the last battle, I found the rest of the book rather boring.
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    The Legend of Luke would be my Least favorite, too. It didn't match up with the other books. I also didn't like how it ended.
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    Thus far, the Bellmaker is my least favorite. It was a good book, its just that I didn't like it as much as the others...

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    Legend of Luke, half of it wasn't even about Luke. Or Lord Brocktree. Both of them seemed to lack something...
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    My least favorite would be Triss. Triss could have used more developement, and everybody thought she was a hero when she hadn't done anything yet. All of the adventure was squeezed into the last twenty pages, with just fluff in the beginning. Quite disappointing for a Redwall book.

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    *thinks hard* Well... Triss certaining isn't at the top of my list, and my thoughts are exactly the same as Furrtil's. Still, I haven't got a chance to reread it, so I can't just say it's my least favorite, as I usually tend to enjoy books that I previously considered "least favorite". Outcast of Redwall gave me the worst impression of all the books upon the first read, but after I reread it, I liked it A LOT better.
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    I thought that Marlfox was the worst book. I enjoyed it still, just not as much as I could have. I found it to be quite boring compared to the other Redwall books.

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    I think my least favorite is Martin the Warrior . I think the reason for this though is becasue I read it too fast and didn't let myself go very far into it. It just didn't seem as exciting as the others and it kind of seemed...I don't know... a little tedious somehow.
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    I think i disliked the Legind of Luke the most. I thought the whole journal thing was drawn out and not that interesting. Triss wasn't that great eather but it was better the secound time. I also am not a fan of Taggerung, its a bit too sad, and i dunno i just don't like it that much.

    I think im not the only one who noticed this but the later books are not as good as the earlyer books. Perhaps Brian Jaques has lost his touch or his writing style has evolved or something similar.
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    The Legend of Luke by far. It was just...bland.

    I don't think BJ's lost his talent. I, for one, like Lord Brocktree, Taggerung, and Triss. He may have changed, but it's not necessarily any better or worse.
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    The Bellmaker is my least favorite and I found it incredibly dry the first time I read it. I suppose reading it before Mariel of Redwall had something to do with that (it got better when I reread it, but is still my least favorite).
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