Brian JacquesA television show called Fast Forward has posted both video and audio versions of an interview they conducted with Brian Jacques (which you can find here).

In the interview (which runs 17 min. 37 sec.), Brian primarily discusses Eulalia!, but he also gets into the Castaways series, his dedication of Eulalia! to Peter McGovern, his visit with an Iraq War vet who was a fan of his books-- and more.

At the end, he once more teases his next book, The Doomwytes, saying:
I've written one called "The Doomwytes". It's a Redwall novel. And Doomwytes.... wytes, w-y-t-e-s.... were like corpselights that used to hang around graveyards in the old legends. And the wyte... a traveller could be lost in the night in the forest and he'd see the wytes and they look like this friendly little light and they'd lead him to death. You see, and that's the basic premise of it.
A nice variation on what he said previously.

Be sure to check it out.

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