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    What would be your idea of a perfect mate for a good female creature or bad one? what would be your idea of a perfect mate for a bad guy or good guy? Describe the best features you would want or like in them?Any creature?

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    You make the weirdest topics.....

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    I found the topic interesting, actually, even though I can't find a good way to answer it. I interpreted it as the mates that I'd want goodbeasts to have, assuming the goodbeasts were real creatures and that they acted on average like however I view that gender of goodbeasts in the Redwall series. In other words. How I chose to answer the question, though, is what mates I'd be interested in reading about.

    The strongest characteristic I came up with, for either gender, is simply to be comforting and experienced. That is, invoke the same feeling of safety that a badgermum would, while being charismatic. Someone who provides sound advice for direction but also not afraid to tell it how it is. Almost like a mentor. The easiest example of what I'm trying to get at is when Gandalf offers to join the Fellowship in LotR, that elated feeling of having someone as respected and experienced as Gandalf being one of your team.

    Another characteristic is a strong friendship. Rose's friendship with Martin in "Martin the Warrior" was particularly strong. Not only was she concerned about his well-being (applying medical aid, keeping Martin in check so he doesn't go out of control), she was also interested in learning about him ("What's it like, being a warrior?"). So she was both supportive and tended to treat Martin as a friend. Loyalty's naturally another part of it. I might say from Martin's point of view that Rose looked out for him and kept things light-hearted through conversation (in hindsight there wasn't enough of it, since most of the time they had to address upcoming obstacles and threats).

    Initially I thought for a female goodbeast that being a bit shy and not doing much other than supporting the male was alright, since there were quite a few of those in the series (Cornflower escaped from that when she took the initiative to thwart one of Cluny's plans). A strong female, regarding maturity and being able to take care of herself, are also great (Russa Nodrey's a great example, although she tends to distance herself from others on occasion). Yet on average, the strong females in the series don't seem as alluring as the others.

    I did think that a good male would be someone that's troubled mentally or somewhat gloomy/distant, just as a way for the female to be interested in taking great care of him. An example is Martin, whose personal life is frankly terrible because he has to fight bad guys for a living while the characters he cares about are captured or killed (or he simply never gets to see them since he's always going out to the front lines). And so I would expect a supportive female to be a mate, just to try to recover some of that personal life lost.

    For vermin, I just want to see a female who's strong and self-preserving (Romsca), and in general someone who has some small bit of moral good (Blaggut wanting to be a goodbeast, that one vermin who did a heartfelt poem for a companion/leader who was deceased).
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