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Thread: Why didn't they attack Redwall?

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    Why didn't they attack Redwall?

    Why didn't certain vermin leaders attack redwall? I know certain villians had no redwall to attack and Swarrt had a spoiled brat to think of.

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    Well a lot of vermin had heard the story this way. "Make sure ye always avoid Redwall, matey. It's a fortress made of y stone. Full of warriors with magical swords, from otters, ta hares, and even badgers! It's a bad place, mate. Many tougher'n you 'ave tried to conquer it, but non succeed." Then there was the occasional vermin who had heard that they were all a couple helpless woodlanders. The point is the majority of Vermin have heard it's a bad place.
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    Because they'll die. Brian Jacques has decreed it to be so. The poor vermin ;_;

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